IT Consulting Firm Offers Powerful Solutions in 2014

January 24, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The acquisition of the Lawson enterprise resource planning software suite by Infor offers Lawson customers a new level of application usage and power. With this greater reach, however, comes a greater complexity. Many Lawson users both large and small have enough to worry about just running their businesses and maintaining their IT system.

Forté has custom-designed a set of techniques that will help these companies make the transition and maintain the highest level of productivity from their ERP and in their organizations. In 2014, more than in past years, a greater attention to detail must be observed for the upgrades and patches that are being released by Infor.

"The Lawson system is still viable and powerful," commented David Lucas, owner of Forté, "and with the addition of Infor's new modules, the need for expertly handled installations and upgrades has never been greater."

It is generally felt that this acquisition of the famed Lawson suite by Infor will be a good thing overall, but some transitional and growing pains are to be expected. Forté's goal in 2014 is to offer laser-focused consulting and training services to its existing and new customers in order that the standard software maintenance issues will go as smoothly as possible.

"We want 2014 to be a landmark year for Lawson users," continued Lucas, "with Infor's changes, we can help our clients through the upgrade process, enhance and improve system security and offer custom-designed in-house training programs to make it all as easy as possible."

Forté has always and will continue to tailor-make Lawson IT solutions for its clients. As much as a business depends on the smooth operation and management of its enterprise-wide software suite, it's vital that each company have access to consulting services that are specially designed for their unique circumstances.

Forté has a policy of focusing its consulting services on the particular needs of each client. After careful analysis of the company's past, current and future needs, Forté custom-designs a solution that is right for the business. This includes anything from documentation cleanup and organization, installation of patches and upgrades, system security, best practices, process flow optimization, business intelligence and anything else that is required to ensure the client can take full advantage of their application suite.

A unique service point of Forté's is that the company offers a customized in-house workshop training program. This unique and cost-effective form of necessary Lawson system training takes place at the clients' location, uses their system and educates with real-world models based on the company's system and needs. In this way, Forté saves their clients a great deal of money and time, as well as vastly increasing the level of knowledge retention.

Forté is proceeding into the new year confident that it can provide the best possible services to its new and existing customers. With custom-designed Infor Lawson consulting and training processes, any client of Forté's is bound to be very satisfied with the results.

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Forté is based in Orlando, FL and serves the greater USA. From the founding of the company ten years ago, David Lucas owner of Forté has always held the success of his clients as his primary focus. Forté has always and will always specialize in the custom-creation of Lawson IT solutions that are not only cost-effective but provide maximum value and utility to the system users.

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