Rakkiz.com is preparing to launch its version for Saudi Arabia in partnership Mawdoo3.com

January 27, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The number one Arab contests website Rakkiz.com is preparing to launch its version for Saudi Arabia in partnership with the Arabic encyclopedia website Mawdoo3.com in an effort of the two companies to enrich the Arabic content and online educational activities.

Rakkiz.com was created in a simple and comprehensive method, and most importantly, effective, the Main objective beyond the site is to improve memory, attention and agility and increase the culture and problem-solving skills among the participants, by giving them opportunities to participate in competitions that require focus and speed of thought and power of memory, motivating rakkiz's users by rewarding them with many valuable prizes for all the competitions.

"Mawdoo3's role " as a leading Arabian online encyclopedia" is to enhance the quality and availability of information provided to rakkiz's competitions and supervise the launch of the webssite, in addition to providing strategic marketing online analysis in order to sustain a user-friendly nature that provides users with more efficient access to the site and its sections

Mr. Sami Rasekh the business development manager of Rakkiz.com said:"We are excited to launch the ksa version there is great potential and opportunities in KSA and we are planning to utilize them, the main objective of the competitions is to increase awareness of the Arab online users in all fields and aspects in addition to promoting a productive online experience for the Arab users".

Dr Mohammed Jaber ( founder and general director of Mawdoo3.com ) said that "The launch in Saudi Arabia is a big step towards promoting Arabic content and educational productive websites owned and developed by "this nation's sons", Saudi Arabia is considered a leader in providing facilitative environments for companies working towards the development of our mother tongue in the business world and position the Arabic as one of the main languages globally" Dr. Jaber calcified that the main reason users in our countries prefer western websites is the lack of alternative Arabic platforms as strong as the western websites in development, ease of access, value and credibility of the content.