Focus Rooms Provides the Best Team Building Facilities

January 28, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Johannesburg, South Africa - In order to promote proactivity and hard passionate work, managers should encourage good relationships among employees in the workplace. This, however, is not easy to achieve in the everyday office environment because people have unique personalities that are more likely to come out in a relaxed team building venue with interactive team building facilities.

Be it a team of 4 or 500 people, Focus Rooms provides companies the opportunity to invest in a stimulating experience that motivates employees to interact and build long-lasting relationships.

Team spirit
Once the employees start loosening up and socializing with their colleagues, a spirit of "togetherness" begins to resonate amidst the group. When complemented by an inspiring message or fuelled by a moving corporate motto, the comforting feeling of unity can very easily evolve into unified team spirit.

This is a force that everyone who holds a leadership position, in any company, should try to tap into. Besides the fact that team spirit plays a very significant role in employee productivity, it also helps eliminate, or reduce, factors that affect the business in a negative way (such as absenteeism, late coming and extended lunch breaks to name a few).

Know your role
When working in a team, it is important for each member to fully understand their individual role so they can contribute effectively to the whole. This is one of the things that corporate team building tries to achieve. However, not having an appropriate team building venue can affect the outcome of the exercise.

Managers have to therefore, make sure that they choose the most suitable venue to ensure that employees enjoy themselves in the process.

Whoever said "the whole is greater than the individual" definitely hit the nail on the head. However, team building is not just about bringing employees together at a venue that's far from the office - it's also about how this is done.

About Focus Rooms
Focus Rooms prides itself on being a superior conference and venue facility in Johannesburg and is able to cater for both small and large groups from 4 500 people. Offering a unique take on conferences, Focus Rooms goes above and beyond, providing exceptional service every time. Located near business hubs and main roads and highways, its central location makes it the perfect place to host corporate team building and conferences. For additional information please visit,