High Focus Centers Opens a Trauma Intensive Outpatient Program

January 30, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
High Focus Centers in New Jersey has launched a new program: Trauma Intensive Outpatient Program. The specialized intensive outpatient program (IOP) is designed to meet the needs of trauma victims and those living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The Trauma IOP will be offered at High Focus Centers in Paramus, Cranford, and Freehold. Although High Focus Centers has offered outpatient psychiatric programs and substance abuse programs for 20 years, the Trauma IOP has been created to meet the needs of trauma survivors whose specific psychiatric needs have not been fully met in other mental health programs.

The Trauma IOP provides a greater level of care than in traditional outpatient services. The program can accommodate adults with a recent trauma event or an experience from their more distant past. The program is designed to accommodate a range of symptoms resulting from trauma, including depression, anxiety, flashbacks, disrupted sleep, substance abuse, and more. Anyone who has experienced disruption to daily life or social functioning as a result of trauma may benefit from Trauma IOP.

The Trauma program can be treated as an initial entry point into trauma therapy or as an alternative to traditional outpatient treatment during a particularly stressful time. Regardless, the Trauma IOP is intended to serve as part of an ongoing plan for mental health treatment.

Sessions are held 3 times per week for 3.5 hours at a time. During each session, clients will participate in psycho-education, skills development, and group psychotherapy. Each week, clients will receive at least one individual trauma therapy session, a psychiatric assessment, and medication monitoring where appropriate. For clients to benefit from the curriculum's full programming, it is recommended they stay for at least 6 weeks.

A staple of High Focus Centers' Trauma IOP not found in other programs is its trauma-focused skills modules. With 18 distinct components for teaching various coping skills, the program equips those struggling with PTSD symptoms with long-term management strategies. Contact High Focus Centers for more information on post-traumatic stress disorder treatment in New Jersey.

High Focus Centers is a network of outpatient drug rehab and psychiatric clinics across Northern and Central New Jersey. Providing intensive outpatient programs, High Focus Centers can serve as a point of entry into drug addiction or mental health treatment or as a part of a continuum of care. Programs can also be personalized to meet dual diagnosis and family involvement needs. For more information on enrolling in a trauma IOP in New Jersey, call High Focus Centers (800) 877-FOCUS (3628) or visit http://www.highfocuscenters.com/.