Hydra Management Releases Case study of Skanska UK

January 30, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Farnborough, UK Hydra Management, a leading developer of project management software, today released a case study focusing on how Cementation Skanska, a multi-award winning division of Skanska UK and the leading specialist in piling and ground engineering, implemented Hydra project portfolio management to achieve project planning success.

Skanska required a project portfolio management solution that is open, transparent, and easily operated by the company's resource management team. Cementation Skanska selected Hydra from Hydra Management Limited for a variety of important reasons, including the program's ability to model dependency between resources and projects, the reliability of management information, and the ease of operating the system. Hydra gave assurance that resources would be accurately modeled and not overloaded. They also provided a flexible range of different types of resources (both man-power and technology-driven) to be defined and scheduled effectively.

"We needed to implement a reliable project management solution to plan and allocate resources properly," said Cementation Skanska Business Systems Manager, Andrew Mothersele. "Before we tapped Hydra, it was not uncommon to double-book resources causing us to lose valuable time. Since we have implemented Hydra project management we have been able to decrease inefficiency."

Hydra Management's team of consultants and Cementation Skanska's managers worked closely together to define the most effective resource management process. Once completed, live data was loaded and two detailed reports were produced. This presented the resource team and business area managers with the exact status of jobs and resources in a specific format.

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About Hydra Management:
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