Hangman Products and Orange County Fine Arts Present A Breakthrough Celebration of Art and Healing with Resident and Autistic Artist David Kumetz

February 13, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
David Kumetz, 24, might have lived his life behind walls if his mother had followed his doctor's prescription to put her severely autistic son in an institution and "move on" with her life. Instead of moving on, Andrea chose to "move in," She moved into the world of disability with David, "moved into love, a deep love like that which is the catalyst of great poetry." Andrea understood that raising her son meant not only meeting his daily needs, but facing long-term questions for children with autism. How will these people sustain themselves as they grow older? Will they find meaningful work, a respected place in society? How can they live fulfilling, enriching lives?

Andrea, an artist herself, is also an Expressive Art Practitioner, and has devoted her life to bringing awareness to the rights of people with disabilities, not just to function equally, but to live inspired and fulfilling lives. She has lived this mission privately and publicly, as a mother and activist, has enacted case law through federal courts, and has tirelessly sought creative ventures between community and individuals to bridge the gap, seeking out joint programs with education and the arts.

This venture with OCFA is the realization of a lifelong dream.

"David is a pioneer for the people, a voice for those who have no voice. He is a seed, an inspiration to succeed, to spur a vision globally." He is testament to "the sky's the limit." Challenged with severe autism and very limited language, David's art finds its own clear channel and source. "David's art inspires the community with artistic beauty that shines through without ego," says Andrea. In their show, mother and son get to showcase their "paintings and visual art to the community, expressing how non-verbally we all can communicate with this world. To be human, to be visible, and to be a gift to others on this earth."

David's is a resident artist at the OCFA, a local non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating public interest in the fine arts through arts education and scholarships for aspiring artists, whose members have been featured in International Artists, International Who's Who in Photography, Artists Magazine and Southwest Magazine.

The healing reaches everyone in the community—artists, appreciators, and caregivers. "The expression here through the arts, means shining together, bringing insight and understanding of those who have no way of communicating verbally, and also healing the caregiver, providing fun and creative ways to re-balance yourself from the rigors and stress of longterm caregiving."

David and Andrea's show will be held October 27, 2-5PM, at Bear Creek Gallery. The reception will be followed by the closing ceremony by Art From the Creative Source, 5:15PM to 7PM, with meditation, drums and relaxation.

For more information, call 714-540-6430 or visit http://hangmanproducts.com/. The gallery is located at 3851 S. Bear, Ste. B-15, Santa Ana, CA 92704.

Andrea "Joy" Kumetz-Coleman is a mom, an advocate, an Expressive Art Practitioner and a founding partner in Art From The Creative Source, artfromthecreativesource.com, an artist and a poet in wisdom and age. David Kumetz is an Artist with Autism, with a studio space at Bear Street Gallery, and also the son of Hangman Products President, Steve Kumetz.

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