Wattco Announces Development of Pipe Heaters

February 04, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Hallandale, FL Local electrical heating manufacturer Wattco announced today that it is expanding its production of pipe heaters. Wattco is seeking to prolong the life of its heaters and help manufacturers in their processing of lower density mediums.

Pipe heaters are normally used for lower watt density mediums, such as waxes. Heating up a material such as paraffin wax expands it to a significant degree, allowing it to partake in a variety of industrial purposes, ranging from models for casting metal, to food manufacturing, to crayons. Pipe heaters also work especially well for thicker substances, such as tar or molasses, which are used in the oil and food processing industries.

Pipe heaters fit inside standard piping systems, such as 2" or 3" schedule 40 NPS pipes. This boasts the added advantage that the heaters do not come into contact with the medium itself. Instead, they apply the heat from the heating element to the pipe, which in turn warms up the liquid. This makes it easy when installing, maintaining and repairing each device. If the heater needs to be examined for any reason, users do not have to empty out the entire container.

This development follows a long history of the company's involvement with the production of modern electrical heaters, dating all the way back to 1969. When asked about the news, Wattco President of Sales reported that he was looking to the future when designing these new pipe heaters: "We are excited about the release of this innovative technology. By applying pipe heaters to certain liquid mediums that require low densities, we are able to simultaneously lessen the chance of burn-up and prolong the life of the device." Wattco has released the specs of its pipe heaters, which can be found at its pipe heater page.

About Wattco
Wattco is an industry leader in electrical heating manufacturing for over four decades. It works closely with the oil and gas, food processing, chemical, defense, HVAC, plastics and laboratory industries to maintain the warmth of their products. Wattco offers a variety of solutions, from immersion, to circulation, to pipe and inline heaters. For additional information please visit, www.wattco.com.