Square 9: Cloud Computing Becoming Standard Practice For Business

February 05, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
New Haven, CT With the convenience and efficient methods of cloud computing, Square 9 has seen cloud systems become a standard practice for businesses of all industries. Cloud computing, along with their award-winning document management software, has helped transform Square 9 into a leading software manufacturer for business ECM.

It can be easy to dismiss new technology as nothing more than hype, but some advancements, such as mass email marketing for business, provide such an important leap forward in function and efficiency that they become the new standard. With over 84% of CIOs reporting application cost-savings after adapting cloud technology, 60% of those polled by Gartner in North America plan to increase spending on cloud and software-as-a-service platforms. Those polled have also experienced an average savings of 21% percent annually by moving applications to the cloud. It appears that cloud computing is poised to become the new standard practice for business.

Advancements in technology and document management software have made cloud-based application and document storage as secure and accessible for companies as using their own private networks, but without the financial and labor costs associated with maintaining and upgrading the necessary servers and applications.

Square 9, a leading cloud hosting company, offers a range of options, depending on how hands-on businesses want to be with the infrastructure of their enterprise document management and other software applications. Some companies prefer to use the host's document storage system, as it will be maintained and upgraded. Other companies prefer to handle their own software and enterprise content management by shifting their current on-premises infrastructure to a secure offsite environment.

Likewise, companies have options when accessing their content; some prefer to create a virtual network that employees log in to from their desktops, while others use a web client for online access. Many of these choices are made only after addressing how and when the applications are used and the number and size of files that will be accessed — decisions that will greatly impact final cost savings and productivity improvements.

It is estimated that the global cloud market will exceed $181 billion by the end of 2015, as companies move more of their applications and document storage systems to a cloud-based environment. This is to be expected, according to Square 9 Softworks President and CEO Stephen Young, who said, "At Square 9, we are big believers in the cloud and what it has to offer. There is no doubt that the cloud provides tremendous upside for organizations of all sizes as we move away from the costs and concerns of managing local applications."

That adaptability is one of the key reasons why Square 9's flagship document management software, SmartSearch, has consistently received industry awards and customer accolades. By automating paper processes, implementing strong document workflow software, and selecting an appropriate cloud-based storage solution, companies of all sizes can realize improved productivity and reduced costs.

About Square 9 Softworks
Consistently celebrated for their innovative and industry-leading SmartSearch software, Square 9 Softworks has been awarded the Winter Pick award for Outstanding Document Management Solution and the Buyers Laboratory's coveted five-star rating repeatidly. Square 9 offers scanning and document control solutions that enable small and large businesses to collaborate efficiently in a paperless office environment using highly intuitive and adaptable technology. Based in New Haven, Connecticut, Square 9 engages clients around the world via knowledgeable and dedicated channel partners. For more detail please visit, www.square-9.com.