Empowering Women Leaders with The Right Mapping Tool to Rule

February 18, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
February 18, 2014 - On March 8, the whole world will be celebrating the 39th International Women's Day. In the male-dominated world, it came to a big surprise that women emerged as leaders in different industries from healthcare, to real estate, to entrepreneurship, and more. As the big celebration for women comes to a close, it is only appropriate to acknowledge them. One of the best ways that companies can do this is to supply their women bosses with the right tools.

One helpful way for women leaders to lead their companies is to have a clear vision. The internet hosts a number of mapping tools to help them visualize their scope and goals. But few really live up to their promises. If women are expected to be successful, they deserve using the best tools, particularly in business intelligence, since most critical decision making rely to information extracted from this field.

Here are 3 industries where women leaders should rule with the right mapping tools:


Healthcare is an industry where women have equal, if not louder, voice than men. According to the 2012 report published by Forbes magazine, women occupy at least 4% of CEO's and 73% of the managers in healthcare. To manage large segments comprising the industry like hospitals, health plan providers, pharmaceuticals, clinics and more, a mapping tool called Topo.ly is used by women leaders. Oftentimes, the online mapping site is used to identify connections between different data sets. For example, healthcare industry leaders can create a map to plot address locations of each healthcare segment. They can customize map markers to distinguish the segments. When everything is plotted on a map, they can immediately identify connections between the segments and in just a few minutes of data analysis, they can plot their next move to manage their companies. With the right tool, they do not have to spend days analyzing the data constructing business plans.

Real Estate

Women leaders are fond of using mapping tools to present maps to their teams and clients. Topo.ly allows them to add links and images to their maps. Since visuals say what words cannot, when clients see what the property looks like along with other pertinent information, real estate brokers and agents can win their clients even without saying a word.


Year after year, a growing number of women are quitting their regular jobs and dive into entrepreneurship. There are challenges but with the right mapping tools, women can get through. Why mapping tools? For one. the biggest challenge that women leaders face in this industry is scouting new markets. To identify a target market, they should be able to visualize areas that people may use their services. Topo.ly makes it possible for women leaders to draw heatmaps in less than 5 minutes. This tool allows them to analyze location density to give them a visual on what areas are their target market, what else to do for improvement, and other factors.

The International Women's Day will be more valuable when women leaders are not only recognized but also equipped with the right mapping tools as they lead their companies. As a 30-year old woman COO of a large company in Tech Industry said, women leaders cannot become what they cannot see. Visualization therefore is the key to really understand data and to transform information to useful factors to run the companies better. There is no better way to achieve that than to use the best mapping tools to help them visualize their goals.

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