CellHealth™ Institute launches healthycell™, an advanced cellular nutrition product to combat low energy, daily stress and aging

February 13, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
CellHealth™ Institute, a New Jersey-based biotech company focused on cellular wellness, has hit the airways with a new dietary supplement called healthycell™ (www.healthycell.com) which was developed on the premise that "healthy cells make bodies healthy."

Backed by the CHI's chief medical officer and co-founder, Dr. Vincent C. Giampapa, healthycell™ targets the body's basic building blocks. "After over a decade of research and careful development," states Giampapa, "we're confident that we have a product capable of delivering advanced cellular wellness with measurable results." The product is also endorsed by supermodel, prominent author, and raw foods expert Carol Alt.

The human body is indeed comprised of trillions of cells which make up the skin, bones, muscles, tissues, and organs. They perform various, critical functions including transmitting signals, producing energy, and defending the body against illness. Supporting and nourishing these cells is critical for maintaining our strength, stamina and wellbeing. Poor cellular health results in lower energy levels, reduced resistance to toxins, increased susceptibility to illness, and a decreased ability to manage the devastating impact of stress.

healthycell™ (www.healthycell.com) features a balanced blend of over 90 phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals for 24-hour cellular nourishment delivered in two, distinct formulas … a unique "morning formula" to promote energy and mental focus and an "evening formula" to encourage healthy sleep patterns and cellular repair. Each healthycell™ tablet is cold-pressed to preserve its nutrient value and both formulas are vegan friendly and free of major allergens like dairy, egg, tree nuts, shellfish, soy, wheat, gluten and artificial preservatives and flavors.

In a study of healthycell™ users, 63.3% of participants saw an improvement in sleep after taking the product for just 1 week while more than half also saw improvements in energy and mental focus. After six weeks on the product over 70% of study participants reported reduced levels of stress.

healthycell™'s 6 Cellular Nutrition complexes work round-the-clock to neutralize free radicals to help protect the cells from getting damaged and unstable … disrupting sleep cycles, impairing focus, sapping daily energy, and accelerating the aging process. healthycell™ is only available directly from CHI or online at www.healthycell.com

CellHealth™ Institute (CHI) is committed to developing and delivering high quality and high efficacy products to empower people to take control of their health at its most basic, cellular level. CHI collaborates with top-tier research universities and biotech companies to offer breakthrough nutritional supplements, lifestyle education, and fully integrated personalized health programs. CHI is also committed to pushing the limits of current medical practice to unlock the secrets of chronic illness, disease and aging by exploring the possibilities of advanced stem cell therapies.

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