Unique US Mapping Territory Sets for Enhanced Data Analysis

February 20, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Topo.ly, a top-of-the-line mapping application that has been helping thousands of organizations worldwide to analyze data through mapping, has recently added new unique territory sets. Aside from US States, Counties by State, and Zip Codes by State, Topo.ly users can now use other unique mapping territory sets to easily create a map for data analysis. Among them are:

  • US Area Codes
  • US Cities and Towns - MA
  • US County Subdivisions - GA
  • US School Districts (Unified) - VA
  • US Voting Precincts - WA - Spokane County

  • The new territory sets were recently added due to the increased number of Topo.ly users that need specified territory boundaries for enhanced data analysis. Here are 4 of the many ways that the new US mapping territories can be used:

    Customer Analysis

    Getting customer information is the first step to customer analysis. Once customer data is gathered, companies can easily create a map. A simple copy-and-paste formula should be applied. After three minutes or less, companies can view their maps and understand their data better with the help of clear visualization. Great visuals are able to help the users retain their analysis study. In addition, they also help to ignite ideas that speed up analysis process.

    Segmentation and Target Marketing

    Customers have different needs. These can be identified when customers are segmented by their different market needs. Healthcare, real estate and other industries have been using this mapping strategy to target new people as they promote their products and services. When target marketing is applied using online mapping tools, smart decisions can be achieved that work best for both the customers and the company.

    Risk Management

    Risk management can be easily handled with heatmapping using the new US mapping territory sets. Companies that use Topo.ly to create a map of percentage have made data analysis a much easier task. Within minutes, they are able to understand location density or average of their sales.


    At times, decision makers of a company do not necessarily share the same office or building. Sometimes, they are strategically located in different places. Hence, they may be faced with increasing demands and challenges of collaboration. Topo.ly can help to minimized the challenges. One way is to share the maps. In a second, the recipient receives the link to the map shared and can instantly view it. When analysis is put through immense data visualization, insights can be added that will be useful to business planning or market strategy.

    For questions, comments, suggestions and other mapping concerns, be sure to visit their official website and leave message to the "Contact Us" page.

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