CorkGuru Publishes an Infographic on Digital Wine Menus

February 19, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
CorkGuru, an interactive wine menu app developer and a sommelier service provider, has created an infographic illustrating the advantages of interactive wine menus for both restaurant managers and guests. Interactive wine menus are able to drastically change the dining experience by helping guests understand the wine selection with unprecedented depth. This translates into greater ordering confidence in guests and greater wine sales for restaurants.

The United States has a hearty population of wine drinkers, and 25% of Americans are even considered "core" drinkers, meaning they drink wine on a consistent basis. This group accounts for the vast majority of wine sales, as well. However, ordering a new wine in a restaurant can be a risk for diners. Without knowing how a wine tastes beforehand, diners are more reluctant to experiment with new wines, particularly higher-priced ones. Instead, they reserve this kind of risk-taking behavior for weekends, when they feel more entitled to splurge. Interactive menus eliminate much of the guesswork for guests. Customers actually tend to upsell themselves by 25% after using an interactive wine list. Overall, restaurants tend to see a 10-20% increase in wine sales after implementing digital wine lists.

Digital iPad wine lists are able to display much more information than traditional paper menus, and guests are able to search more effectively for different types of wine. While there is a high upfront cost associated with converting from paper to digital wine menus, before long, the investment is outweighed by a sustained increase in wine sales, savings from routine paper menu replacement costs, and reduced staff time devoted to updating the inventory and wine list. Between the cost savings and revenue increases, digital wine menu apps are a smart wine marketing option for any restaurant or bar. With their sleek appearances and intuitive interfaces, they are a treat for guests to use, as well.

To learn more about the effect of interactive wine menus on restaurant wine sales, see the full infographic:

CorkGuru is the creator of a digital wine menu iPad app, and it also offers a suite of wine management services for restaurants, bars, and country clubs. If you want to increase the effectiveness of your restaurant wine marketing strategy, contact CorkGuru for customized service options:

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