Mapping: A Better Method of Data Distinction

February 25, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Millions of companies from around the world keep terabytes of data. To put them to good use, smart BI tools are to be used. These tools should be reliable to sort the data. Finding information from the data is one thing. But using the information to the business' success is a more challenging task. If the tools fall short from the performing the latter, waste not a single second devoting time to them. Mapping with makes it possible to achieve data information capture and putting them into good use.

Mapping Features that Bring Data Stories to Life
Data information should tell a story. At times story to be engaging, the readers use different approaches and methods. Likewise in data stories, there are tools to use to create timely data distinction that tells a story and applicable for the business.

Tool #1: Adding Multiple Data Sets
Companies can do data distinction as they add unlimited data sets. They can add up to 10,000 locations per day. To make data more interesting, engage the audience with lively stories like adding links and images to the locations.

Tool #2: Territory Boundaries offers US territory boundaries for in-depth analysis of geographical locations. They include:
  • States
  • Zip Codes (3-digit & 5-digit)
  • Counties
  • PUMA
  • Area Codes
  • Combined Statistical Area
  • Core Based Statistical Area

  • also offers international territory boundaries like Australia, Canada, Brazil, Belgium, France, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK and others.

    Tool #3: Heat Maps
    Heat maps can be created in less than 5 minutes. This feature is integral so that data analysis with geographical locations will have distinction. For example, areas with more map points will appear red and areas with the least map points will appear green. Heat mapping is also a great tool for data distinction based on total sales within each area. This is frequently used by thousands of companies to help them optimize their sales or identify growth opportunities.

    There are more tools offered by online mapping site that can further help companies understand their data, make a distinction and bring them into good use.

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