Corporate Accounts to be Launched by by March

February 26, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
After years of providing exceptional mapping service, again delivers another system upgrade. The leading online mapping site is proud to announce having a "Corporate Account." For years, has been consistently working on a Concurrent User setup that can enable their users to purchase licenses that can be used by a number of users logged in at a given point in time out of a larger set of defined users.

When this new feature rolls out in March, companies can now have the options of signing up not only as Single-user License but in Corporate License as well. Corporate Accounts allow its members to all be on a shared corporate account with multiple users who can build and access the same maps and datasets. Multiple users can help on creating or editing maps. This is especially helpful for team collaboration, presentation, brainstorming, and more.

Currently, offers single-user license. However, due to an increase in demands for corporate users needing for corporate accounts, finally developed this enhancement. This breakthrough will be beneficial for companies because:

  • Companies will no longer need to purchase multiple single-user accounts.
  • Security will be safeguarded even more. A few users share their log-in details to their team although this not recommended by the company. With corporate accounts, this issue will be eliminated.
  • No more individual users forgetting their log-in details since the corporate account is now owned by one account.
  • Editing the maps and data sets are not limited.

  • All users can access all the company maps and data sets. The company can easily change the users as needed. For instance, a corporate user needs to change roles within your company, then another member can be added on board in a snap. For companies that currently have multiple single-user license set-up, they can be easily converted to a Corporate Account once available. This can be seamlessly done by

    Visit the official website to to learn more about Corporate Accounts and other mapping features.

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