The Pumas Futbol Club and Academy in Keller, Texas is quickly growing as players and parents experience this quality alternative.

December 18, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
The Pumas Futbol Club Begins

What is a Puma?

Well, according to Webster it means "cougar", but anyone familiar with professional soccer will first think of the Pumas professional soccer team and all the other Latin American teams that are rich in history and committed to soccer excellence. Well, now there's a Pumas soccer club in Texas called the Pumas Futbol Club except this one was created as a non-profit soccer club for the youth of North Texas. Located in Keller, TX, and dedicated to teaching the skills developed in an area of the world that has won more World Cups than any other, the Pumas Futbol Club was recently formed to be an affordable, yet top tier, alternative for young players and their parents in the area. After becoming disillusioned by the politics, financial issues and peculiarities, negative coaching personalities, and the overriding concern to continually bring in paying members at all costs, a diverse group of parents and players finally decided to join together with Coach Ruben Munoz to create the Pumas Futbol Club and Academy with a commitment to youth soccer excellence and that places the young player first and foremost. The road to that purpose is to stay true to several club tenets:

· Provide high quality coaching from coaches who value each and every player
· No screaming or verbal abuse, just competent coaching
· Recruit coaches who have a positive reputation and a history of success coaching young
· Ensure that no one relies on the club for their sole livelihood so as not to misplace the
emphasis on incoming funds to the exclusion of the real purpose and mission (as a non-
profit organization, the less overhead cost means lower costs to the members)
· Recognize that as a 501 (c) non-profit organization (which soccer clubs are), the paying
membership is the representative owners of the club and the club is NOT to be a profit
making entity and must abide by the applicable tax laws and not seek to use this status
· Use the membership's funds ethically and wisely by providing a high value product at an
affordable cost

The Pumas Futbol Club has been gratified to have already had an impact on the local scene encouraging a growing emphasis on costs within the sport, but even more gratifying is the interest shown by the players and coaches who are in agreement and have expressed interest in becoming part of the entire Pumas Futbol Club philosphy.

The Pumas Futbol Club practices at the Pumas' Field at the Keller Lions Club located on Keller Parkway in the heart of Keller, TX. They have a growing Academy providing specialized skill sessions for Recreational Soccer players, Academy Soccer players and Select Soccer players in all age groups.

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