Scoliosis Activity Suit Found to be 90% Effective in Peer Reviewed Published Study

February 26, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
A peer reviewed study in the Journal of Scoliosis Rehabilitation finds patients were successful in maintaining or even reducing their scoliosis spinal curvature 90% of the time over the course of 1 year using the newly developed Scoliosis Activity Suit™. "It's really a jaw dropping number", states Dr. Mark Morningstar who conducted the study, "we really just don't see success rates in scoliosis treatment that even come close to this". The Scoliosis Activity Suit is an attempt add a dynamic component to scoliosis exercise efforts that seek to re-train the brain to learn how to hold the spine in a straighter position automatically.

Scoliosis occurs in approximately 4.5 percent of the general population. Scoliosis occurs when the spine of the back forms a C or an S shaped curve. The incidence is greater in females than males. Scoliosis patients have symptoms such back pain, hip pain, leg pain, and muscle spasms and in severe cases digestive symptoms, trouble breathing, and significant disability. About 80 percent of all scoliosis cases are idiopathic (unknown cause).

A few symptoms that could indicate a person might have scoliosis are:
  • Uneven shoulders
  • If you wear a shirt or blouse with horizontal stripes and the stripes seem to be going diagonal (this effect caused by body distortion from a curved spine)
  • Rib cage sticks out on one side

  • Scoliosis is often first diagnosed during the teen years at a back to school physical or sports physical. For many years, scoliosis treatment consisted of watching and waiting, rigid back bracing for 23 hours a day for many years, or spinal surgery, depending on the degree of spinal curve. Recently, innovative, new scoliosis exercise based treatment programs like the Small Curve Camp™ for mild scoliosis, Scoliosis BootCamp™, and ScoliPAIN™ for adults now provide an alternative to scoliosis patients. All of these programs and the Scoliosis Activity Suit are available at ScoliSMART clinics located in New York City, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

    The treatment consists of long lever arm weighting, vibrational therapies, the scoliosis activity suit™, and personalized home rehabilitation program. Dr. Stitzel, Director of the ScoliSMART Clinic located in Lititz Pennsylvania, explains, "Our scoliosis exercise based treatment program is based on a unique system of active spine rehabilitation, which is based on restoring normal function and structure. It can benefit the adolescent and adult scoliosis patients in a variety of ways including curve reduction/stabilization, pain reduction, and overall quality of life improvement."

    These exercises for scoliosis are an alternative scoliosis treatment for patients considering spinal fusion surgeries and back braces. Dr. Brian Dovorany (ScoliSMART Clinic™ provider located in Green Bay, Wisconsin) reports that although the scoliosis protocol is new, it has out performed spinal surgeries and back bracing in many cases. Almost any age can benefit from the new scoliosis treatment, however advanced spinal arthritis and disc degeneration might limit the effectiveness. Results can be impressive. "Improvements in the curved spine are great, but it's the cosmetic improvements the kids really care about." said Dr. Dovorany.

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