Data Analysis Made More Sense with Online Mapping

February 28, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Data analysis is used by organizations because they can extract valuable information to be used in business. This process is applied by millions of successful companies to drive up profits. Especially when done using online mapping, data analysis can help to easily achieve customized marketing strategies. Mapping application like aims to help companies be able to assess and target market. Mapping helps companies gain better understanding of marketing strategies, so they can improve their business operations for a more profitable outcome. In addition, data analysis through mapping is helpful to identify useful information especially to find more in-depth customer insights and create specialized customer profiles. online mapping has features useful for data analysis. The data visualization it produces makes data understanding faster and more in-depth.

Create Free Maps for Basic Data Analysis

Create a map for free using online mapping application takes only 3 minutes or even less. Spreadsheet data can be copied and pasted directly to to start data analysis.

Filter Option for Custom View

Mapping can help users to identify distinct characteristics of their data using filters option. Filtering the data characteristics helps to pinpoint information that may not be identified initially.

Add Multiple Data Sets

Online mapping is not only used as store locator. It also empower the users to understand connections between data sets.

Customize Map Markers

Customizing map markers is another way of providing exceptional mapping experience. Maps make no sense when markers used are with the same colors and shapes for different data sets. It will only have meaning if each data set is assigned with different marker. When all data sets are plotted on the map, stories can be more visible.

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