KA Gilbert Law Begins Free Consultation Services for Collaborative Divorce

February 27, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Hackensack, N.J. - KA Gilbert Law, Bergen County, N.J. divorce attorneys, are now offering free consultation services to clients seeking a collaborative divorce settlement.

"The Collaborative process is an especially good resolution process for parents concerned about the well-being of their children. It focuses on maintaining a family even though Mom and Dad will be residing in separate households," said Kathy Gilbert, owner of KA Gilbert Law. "For many couples, collaborative divorce is the best alternative but many people aren't completely aware of how the process works or what to expect. My free consultation service gives them a no-cost way to research all of their options," added Gilbert.

Ms. Gilbert points out that other benefits of collaborative divorce are that both parties come to a mutually agreeable resolution that is a product of their own decisions and that all meetings between the couple and their attorneys are private and confidential. This is quite different than traditional divorce proceedings where all documents become public records that are available to children, neighbors or employers.

The option of a free consultation service is also useful for clients that eventually find out that collaborative divorce is not a good choice for them. "There are challenges to collaborative divorce too so it is vitally important that people find out right away if this is or is not the best course of action for them," said Gilbert.

Kathy A. Gilbert understands that collaborative settlements between couples can mean less stress, less expense and often, happier children during these trying proceedings. In offering free consultation services to help prospective clients weigh the advantages and disadvantage of collaborative divorce, Gilbert hopes to reduce the trauma and anxiety as much as possible while still achieving the best outcome possible for her clients.

About Kathryn A. Gilbert Law: The law firm of Kathryn A. Gilbert, located in Hackensack, N.J., has been serving New Jersey residents for more than two decades. Her firm specializes in litigation, mediation and collaborative divorce services. Ms. Gilbert is an experienced litigator in the field of contested divorce and divorce litigation. Her goal in assisting couples with divorce proceedings is to make divorce affordable by employing strategies that can turn even the most acrimonious situations into amicable ones through a simple divorce plan that is tailored for each individual client she serves.

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