The Signage Network Advertising Now Offers Concert Marketing

February 27, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
West Hollywood, CA - The Signage Network Advertising (TSN), a leading outdoor media company specializing in advertising trucks, is currently offering special concert marketing services for event organizers. TSN event marketing is a perfect way to maximize advertising impact among certain audiences with dynamic marketing that transforms high-traffic destinations into an ideal impression opportunity. Mobile billboards offer this target marketing approach that works especially well for concerts and other entertainment events.

Almost any public event can become the site of a high-impact ad campaign. Using high-visibility truck-side advertising, TSN event marketing targets popular concerts, sporting events, and other major public gatherings. Starting at just $100 an hour, this advertising blitz delivers unmatched impact for the most important branding campaigns. With advertising trucks, TSN brings the message promoting an upcoming concert directly to the target audience.

TSN currently provides over 150 wrapped advertising trucks across the country in each of the top ten media markets. These concert ad campaigns complemented by advertising trucks make a bigger impact with bigger savings. TSN's value campaigns leverage cost-saving wholesale orders and installations offering exceptionally low production and monthly costs, which translate into one of their best performing CPM campaigns.

To learn more about how advertising trucks can help increase visibility for concerts and other events, visit

About The Signage Network:
The Signage Network is the outdoor media company that takes your brand to the streets, where consumers can't just change the channel or click through to the next screen. They make sure your advertising is seen at more places, by more people, than most conventional ads. As a team of advertising specialists, they are obsessed with value marketing and delivering exceptional customer service. They love offering genuine value to their clients in an industry too long assumed to be inherently expensive. They think it's time to shake up the industry.

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