ECKey goes Live with VIZpin Cloud-based Visitor/Access Control

February 28, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Lancaster, Pennsylvania February 28, 2014 - ECKey (, the market leader in Smartphone Bluetooth readers and access control systems, has announced the release of - Smartphone Access Control and Visitor Management Service.

ECKey today announced the launch of their cloud-based VIZpin® Visitor/Access Control. VIZpin allows users to install inexpensive ECKey EK7 Bluetooth readers then network them together via your smartphone. This architecture represents a significant improvement in scalability and savings over traditional panel based access control and card systems by eliminating cards and key fobs as well unnecessary hardware, cabling and networks. With VIZpin, all your EK7 readers need is power and the door hardware. The patented VIZpin app uses encrypted tokens to activate door/gate hardware and record that transaction on a secure server. This enables end-users to send and revoke electronic VIZpin keys and monitor activity from anywhere without requiring a network connection.

"Until now electronic access control with remote access was an expensive proposition. VIZpin is a disruptive technology as it reduces costs while increasing security and convenience" offered Paul Bodell, President and CEO of ECKey. "People who download and register the free VIZpin app are essentially putting an electronic keychain on their phone. Once they have it, anyone with a VIZpin account can send keys to them that can last from 15 minutes to 10 years. This eliminates the need for carrying multiple keys, cards and fobs which is both an unnecessary expense and an administrative hassle. "

ECKey will be hosting weekly webinars through the month of March. The VIZpin app has been developed for iPhone and Android and can be downloaded directly from or Google Play Store.

About ECKey
ECKey designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of security access control systems and accessories that use your phone's unique Bluetooth signal to grant secure and convenient access. Our VIZpin service lets you send electronic keys to visitors through an easy-to-use web portal. ECKey is privately held and based in Lancaster, PA. All ECKey products are Made in the USA.

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