Howbrite Solutions Offers Tools for Common Core Math

March 03, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Teachers today spend a good portion of their time simply planning the lessons and curriculum for the day. Now that 48 states have taken on Common Core Standards, more teachers than ever before will need to look for tools for Common Core math. Since teachers are now looking at a whole new set of standards by which to teach, they will have to adapt to the process of meeting those standards, while still being able to develop a viable math curriculum that — for some — will mean all new math-teaching tools.

Howbrite Solutions offers a different approach in the form of interactive math tools that focus on the core concepts that learners need to develop. Because all 48 states have adopted the Common Core, the only option is to get on board now, or watch 48 states-worth of students fall behind. Because Howbrite's MathLine series is all-inclusive, a good portion of curriculum development is already done for the teachers, allowing them to have time available that they might not otherwise have.

It has been found that students often fail in their studies because the teacher does not have time to address their individual needs. MathLine offers Common Core math practice solutions that can be modified to meet the needs of diverse learners, but the curriculum also includes everything that teachers need, so that no time is wasted developing lesson plans, finding manipulatives, or trying to decipher the Common Core Standards themselves.

Howbrite offers easy solutions to make it possible for children to use these tools for Common Core math in order to associate abstract concepts with real life objects using interactive math tools. Using math teaching tools found in MathLine, teachers can focus on the students — and leave the details of the Common Core to Howbrite Solutions.

About Howbrite Solutions
Howbrite Solutions was founded in 1993 after Howard Ylitalo recognized the problem that his wife, Brita Ylitalo, was having while trying to supplement math instruction for their teen foster son, who happened to experience some disorders that made it difficult to grasp math concepts. Mr. Ylitalo developed a program to help with math learning. Once the Ylitalos saw how successful MathLine (then called MathMate) was in helping their foster son, they made the decision to share it with the world. Visit the Howbrite Solutions website, to learn more.

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