Uhuru Software releases Windows support as Cloud Foundry Open Source project.

March 03, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Redmond, WA, March 3rd, 2014 Uhuru Software, Inc, a software company specializing in delivering Microsoft platforms support for the Linux Cloud, today announced the release of Windows support and a management console for Cloud Foundry to the Open Source community. The release includes Uhuru's enterprise-ready Cloud Foundry version 2 compliant Uhuru Cloud Commander (UCC) a BOSH automation tool - as well as support for Windows and .NET applications (WinDEA) and Microsoft SQL Server services. Developers can access the newly released software at http://www.uhurusoftware.com, which is available under the Apache 2 license.

Uhuru's WinDEA is a native C# implementation of the Cloud Foundry droplet execution agent for Windows Server with buildpack support for .NET applications. The Uhuru WinDEA incorporates extensive security features to provide application isolation for increased Windows app density and reliability. WinDEA is the result of broad industry collaboration, and has benefited from significant testing in large-scale cloud deployments.

Additionally, Uhuru's Microsoft platform Open Source contribution includes integration of Microsoft SQL Server as a Cloud Foundry service as well as a BOSH agent for Windows Server to allow automation.

Uhuru Cloud Commander (UCC) is a web console that simplifies and automates the provisioning of the Cloud Foundry PaaS. UCC generates native BoSH manifests, and provides support for non-stop upgrades of the Cloud Foundry PaaS. UCC also includes built-in monitoring and alerting for Cloud Foundry and creates a web portal for users to manage teams and applications.

"Uhuru is pleased to meet customer needs for Microsoft platforms support and effortless management of Cloud Foundry," said Jawad Khaki, CEO of Uhuru. "With this contribution we look forward to engage the Open Source community to further enhance the relevance of Cloud Foundry."

David Laing, an R&D Team Lead with CityIndex, Inc. and a contributor to the Cloud Foundry community said, "I'm excited about Uhuru Open Sourcing their .NET extensions to Cloud Foundry; especially their work around CF's BOSH deployment technology. I'm looking forward to bringing the same automation to Windows clusters as we have with Linux clusters today."

Uhuru offers paid support and consulting services. Customers also benefit from access to a tested library of Cloud Foundry stemcells to keep their environments up-to-date with the latest improvements and patches.

About Uhuru Software, Inc.

Uhuru Software, Inc. is a Redmond-based software firm founded by former Microsoft executives and engineers focused on support of Windows application development in the Linux Cloud. Uhuru software has been tested and proven in large sale cloud deployments, and supports both Private and Public PaaS solutions. Uhuru provides comprehensive integrated application development platforms, management tools, and services to enable rapid development and deployment of solutions in private or public clouds by enterprises and service providers.

The Uhuru CEO is Jawad Khaki, a former Microsoft Corporate Vice President at Microsoft with 20 years of leadership in Windows Operating System development. Jawad led engineers and business leaders to deliver networking, communication and device technologies for Microsoft® Windows client and server operating system platforms.

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