Sherri Donovan Gives Legal Advice to Mob Wife On VH1 Hit Show

March 04, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
New York, N.Y. - New York Divorce attorney, Sherri Donovan, made her television debut recently appearing on the VH1 hit show, Mob Wives. Ms. Donovan, who is an expert in domestic violence and legal protection from stalking and harassment, played herself in a scene where she provided legal advice to Renee Graziano, whose abusive ex-husband Junior is about to be released from prison.

The main scene takes place in Ms. Donovan's office where Renee Graziano explains that her ex has been calling and writing her to say that he thinks the mob couple should try to rekindle their relationship once he is set free. Graziano goes on to explain that she wants nothing to do with Junior and that she fears that once he is out of prison, he will stalk and harass her.

It soon becomes clear that this is not your typical attorney client conference because while Graziano wants and needs legal advice, she is understandably concerned about breaking mob protocol on such matters. "My thing is I come from a specific family life style," Renee explains to Ms. Donovan. "This, right here (their meeting) is gonna be wrong to a lot of people." Graziano then cut right to the chase about her feelings on seeking legal counsel for her family problem. "I would never go to a lawyer. To me personally, what I'm doing right now between you and I, I feel like this is a rat thing. I don't like this."

Sherri Donovan proves to be just as tough as the underworld wife sitting across from her replying, "This is not ratting. This is protecting." She then makes the point more emphatically saying, "If you don't do this you are ratting on yourself."

In addition to enjoying her 15 minutes of pop culture fame, Sherri Donovan was equally pleased with her opportunity to send a strong message to a wider TV audience. "Being on Mob Wives was fun, but at the same time I wanted to tell women caught up in violent, abusive relationships that they have legal options available to get out of their situations." During her appearance on Mob Wives Donovan made this point to Renee Graziano, herself a victim of domestic violence at the hands of her ex-husband.

In addition to her law practice Sherri Donovan has opened her Family Center, staffed by her Family Team of professionals. The Family Center offers comprehensive services for people going through divorce, custody and family transitions. The service areas covered by the Family Team include parent and divorce coaching, psychological services and assistance for issues related to special needs children, finance, real estate, business and health concerns.

About Sherri Donovan & Associates, P.C. - Sherri Donovan Esq., is a New York divorce lawyer. Donovan has been a divorce and family lawyer since 1986. Sherri Donovan & Associates, P.C. was established in 1988 and serves the entire NYC metro area. Her main areas of legal expertise include divorce, alimony, property division, domestic violence, same sex relationships and children's rights. Her mission is to listen carefully to what is important to her clients and their families and to work closely with experts in other fields and areas of law to meet their long term goals.

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