PrenupCounsel Offers Prenuptial Agreements with an Online Form

March 04, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
San Francisco, California - March 4, 2014: In today's society, everyone should focus on a prenup as a way to protect finances, inheritance, and various other aspects of one's life. When a prenuptial agreement is signed, it becomes a legally binding document that ensures that people decide on their finances and debt, not the court, in the event of a divorce.

Throughout the country, people are getting married. This includes a same sex marriage. A cohabitation agreement or a postnuptial agreement can be signed in order to enforce the same aspects of a prenup. The unfortunate aspect about this process is that many attorneys want to charge upwards of $5,000 to draft the agreement and this can include multiple trips to the attorney's office to sit face to face to discuss issues. offers a unique opportunity. For a flat $499, a prenup can be drafted to include all of the details that a person needs. A single form is completed online and within 48 hours, the prenup is delivered for both parties to sign. This is a considerable cost savings.

Additionally, the agreement is created by an actual licensed attorney. This ensures that all aspects of a pre or postnuptial agreement are in place and that it is legally binding. Many of the other websites that offer similar services do not have an attorney, which makes the agreement that much less useful.

"With a gay marriage in place, I'm glad to have the financial protection for both of," Don of Los Angeles, CA comments about the program. Throughout New York, California, Illinois, and Connecticut, there are more people entering into gay marriages and PrenupCounsel will be able to provide the necessary documents within 48 hours to ensure that everything is handled properly and efficiently.



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