Weblinx Limited Warns Against Neglecting Content Marketing – Complacency Can Kill

March 07, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The UK's leading web design and marketing has issued a warning to online businesses intent on remaining competitive for the long-term. Weblinx insists that in the post-Hummingbird era of SEO, there's only one way of getting to the top of the rankings and staying there – strong and successful content marketing.

Google's on-going algorithm updates have made it exceptionally difficult to move forward, with many of the industry's most important SEO elements having been laid to waste. Some see this as a damaging roadblock – Weblinx however sees it as an opportunity to get a much-needed edge over rival businesses.

Advice from the top is simple – make content marketing a priority right now or risk fading into the background with every refinement of Google's algorithm updates…the choice is yours.

Climbing the Ladder
"By definition, the better optimised the content, the better chance it has of appearing on page 1 of Google thus improving the visibility and traffic levels of your company. It doesn't matter whether your company is located in London, Manchester or on the other side of the world, content marketing services, when carried out correctly, can provide a valuable source of traffic to your website." – Weblinx.

What so few businesses realise is the way in which content marketing goes so far beyond simple optimisation of text for SEO purposes. Text content of course plays an important role, but can be massively enriched with other types of content including images, video, audio clips and even games. Diversification of content is the key to climbing the ladder and satisfying Google's latest bible of requirements, but only if all such elements are solidly optimised.

Weblinx looks into a variety of key areas across a website in order to determine the very best course of action for optimisation. From the addition of secondary keyword phrases to restructuring the pages of the site and right through to ensuring the most appropriate coding is used with search engines in mind, it's a complex and necessary process for hitting the top spots.

Affiliate Marketing
"We have been over the past few years working on our affiliate marketing service to provide companies with a unique method of producing results without any risk involved. It is unique because unlike many other affiliate marketing companies, we take on the risk of losing money so your business doesn't have to." – Weblinx.
In addition to content marketing, Weblinx is also communicating the essential Importance of affiliate marketing. In the right hands, an affiliate marketing package has the potential to bring a business an exceptional influx of traffic, leads and ultimately conversions without any risk to the business itself whatsoever. Payments are only required when the services used deliver actual results for the client business.

As far as risk-free and fool-proof approaches to improving business goes with such extraordinary online competition, affiliate marketing is a strategy no modern business can afford to overlook.

About Weblinx:
Weblinx is a wall-to-wall internet marketing and web design company with a reputation for delivering exceptional results in the face of extraordinary competition. With collective experience in the SEO industry of over 15 years, Weblinx has developed a series of dynamic and ever-evolving strategies to ensure top-level rankings for businesses covering a wide variety of niches. With A-List clients like Advanced Hair Studios, Nandos, The Financial Times and 888 already under their belt, Weblinx is fast becoming the UK's number-one go-to for elite SEO and online marketing packages. Take a look at http://www.weblinxlimited.com for more information.

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