MFour's Shoppers' Journey Captures Immediate Customer Reaction

March 07, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
San Ramon, CA MFour continues to break ground in Point of Emotion® surveys with its new Shoppers' Journey mobile research application that collects consumer responses via phone interview before/during or after shoppers visit a location and make a purchase. This new application provides a way to gather more in-depth, immediate information from clients' customers, allowing them to better tailor their stores and events to provide a quality customer experience.

Clients using MFour's new Shoppers' Journey methodology will be able to gather Point of Emotion® input from panel members who volunteer to talk during their shopping experience. In a typical Shoppers' Journey project, MFour conducts 15-20 interviews with targeted customers. Interviews can take place at any GPS verified location in America in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost to conduct individual, in-depth interviews.

Members of MFour's mobile panel the largest mobile research panel in the country will be notified of a survey opportunity at a specific location. When they show up and shop, they'll be invited to and take a mobile screening survey. After the survey, qualified panel members will be immediately transferred to a highly trained moderator about their in-store experience. The benefit? An unfiltered, immediate customer response complete with audio and visuals. Clients can gauge customer response at specific store locations, getting a real-time response concerning their store's customer experience. Most importantly, our moderators can speak with the elusive "non-buyers" as well.

MFour provides a variety of mobile research options that allow clients to gather immediate, Point of Emotion® reaction to customer experiences, including the new Shoppers' Journey option. This more timely and accurate data provides stores with better information to use in their improvement process. For more information about MFour, visit or call 714-754-1234.

About MFour
MFour provides Point of Emotion® surveys using the latest in mobile research technology, including surveys that include picture taking and video capture. Their research provides clients with accurate, timely information they can use to be more nimble in planning and executing company goals.

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