Fine Art Restoration Offers Repair and Restoration for Intricate Artwork

March 11, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Fine Art Restoration specializes in restoring the original beauty of delicate and intricate pieces of art and collectibles with its expert skills in the areas of porcelain, resin, ivory, bronze, brass, and mirror repair and restoration. Some of the repair team's most recent projects highlight the level of service offered by the restoration studio.

Restoring fine art and antiques is a highly specialized field that requires the utmost attention to detail. Fine Art Restoration offers a range of repair and restoration services, including bronze, brass and antique mirror repair, as well as porcelain, resin, glass, and ivory repair and restoration. The company's portfolio reveals some of the most intricate restoration projects, all of which have brought damaged pieces back to their original beauty.

Recently, the studio took on the repair of a small reproduction of the Jeff Koons balloon dog, which is known the world over for its detailed glass work. The Fine Art Restoration owner and restoration expert, Henri Laborde, brought new life to this piece using a unique vacuum metalizing technique that creates the look of polished steel for this eye-catching glass masterpiece.

Fine Art Restoration also used its expertise to restore a vintage Andy Warhol vase that was missing a large piece of porcelain. When completed, the pop art piece looked just as Warhol envisioned the piece, and the missing section of ceramic is now undetectable. Porcelain restoration can be particularly tricky because of the delicate materials, which is why the Andy Warhol vase project required experienced restoration expertise.

The restoration of ivory antiquities can be especially difficult, since current laws prohibit the export of new ivory-even to repair these classic pieces of art. Using the best techniques that Fine Art Restoration has to offer, the company has restored antique ivory figurines that were broken and missing essential pieces of the ivory handiwork. When completed, the latest example of Asian ivory was restored to its original beauty, complete with an undetectable replacement piece that blends seamlessly with the rest of the antique ivory.

About Fine Art Restoration
Fine Art Restoration offers a list of restoration and repair services, including Lladro repair, pottery repair, statue restoration and fine art restoration. For a free estimate, you can contact the company through their website: The company is based in Los Angeles, California, and has been repairing fine art and collectibles since 1999.

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