Foam Factory, Inc. Announces Three New Acoustical Foam Designs

March 13, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Clinton Township, MI Foam Factory, Inc., one of the leading online retailers of foam products, recently unveiled three new designs of acoustical foam, developed for the treatment of high-frequency echoes and reflections. The newly-offered styles of this precision-cut acoustical foam include Wave, Grid, and Spade patterns.

The improvement in acoustics these foam patterns can provide, as well as their simple installation and unique design, make them ideal for professional or hobby sound studios, or any other space that demands an improvement in sound quality. In addition to their acoustic qualities, the new panels feature attractive, unique designs, perfect for a space that could use something out of the ordinary. The panels are cut from a single sheet of solid foam, resulting in an interlocking, mirrored pattern between the two resulting pieces of treatment, which can be purchased individually or in a discounted pair. When mounted, these foam panels can help absorb flutter echoes, ringing, and other high-frequency problems in your space.

Each design is compression-cut for uniformity and accuracy, and available in large panels that measure a little less than 6 feet by 4 feet. For specific acoustic needs, such as bass absorption, Foam Factory, Inc. also features bass traps that work in rooms of any size. Other products include studio columns for temporary or mobile setups, and drop ceiling tiles for noisy workplaces. As an industry leader, Foam Factory, Inc.'s acoustic foam is laboratory-tested and long-lasting.

To view the new acoustical foam patterns and to learn about the unique benefits of each design, visit

About Foam Factory, Inc.:
The Foam Factory, Inc. website,, carries a large selection of foam and foam products for a wide range of applications, all at very competitive prices. We proudly offer traditional foam products like bedding, insulation, cushions, packaging materials, and comfort items. Additionally, we are constantly expanding the practical applications of foam, offering products like economical and practical child safety items, commercial items like jewelry display holders, and a large selection of acoustical sound-deadening materials.

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