AG1 Paintball Gun Air Regulator

December 21, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Real Action Paintball (online is proud to announce the release of the new AG1 air regulator for paintball guns. The AG1 Air Regulator controls the air coming from your air tank, steadying the pressure before the air enters your paintball marker. The constant output of air pressure from the AG1 improves the performance of your paintball gun, bettering both distance and accuracy. Barely the size of a gas-through fore grip, the AG1 Air Regulator is light and compact; it actually fits into your hand.

The AG1 Air Regulator is extremely versatile and can be adapted to any paintball gun or marker. The AG1 Air Regulator is a high performance regulator system and is the ultimate upgrade for all paintball markers - the first step toward enhancing distance and accuracy.
Images of AG1:

The AG1 Air Regulator is easy to use, with no tools or extensive installation is required. All you have to do is plug-and-play. The patented design can also be adapted to paintball markers with a remote line system such as the T68 and Ariakon. With these paintball markers, the AG1 Air Regulator can be connected directly to the air tank before the remote line. By adapting the AG1 Air Regulator in this way, performance soars off the chart like never before possible.

The AG1 Air Regulator is light and compact, it can be connected to all paintball markers for greater distant and accuracy

More information of the AG1:

The AG1 Air Regulator connects on markers with a remote line to boost markers performance.

Key features of the AG1 Air Regulator:

- High performance regulator
- Works with all paintball markers
- Fully adjustable air pressure
- Can be used with remote line system
- Adaptable with all standard air system
- Easy and simple to use
- Plug-and-play installation
- Double your air efficiency with another air regulator

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