C2 Essentials, Inc. Brings Relief to Maryland Businesses Underserved and Deserted by Large PEOs

March 15, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
March 15, 2014 Dulles, Virginia C2 Essentials, Inc. (C2), a leading Human Resources Outsourcing Organization providing full-service HR support to small and emerging growth companies in the federal contract and professional services marketplace, has announced its growth and expansion in Maryland fueled by the failure of this nation's largest Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) to serve the needs of Maryland businesses with less than 50 employees.

"Maryland's small businesses have been short-changed and ultimately abandoned by the large PEOs they entrusted to safeguard their bottom-line and ensure compliance with state-regulated health insurance mandates," stated C2 President & CEO Jackie Asencio.

"Our message to the Maryland business community should be heard loud and clear: C2 is here to champion the very best interests of small and emerging businesses operating within Maryland's regulatory framework. Unlike our competitors, we do not require our clients to subscribe to master medical health insurance policies that may run afoul of Maryland state rules," explained Asencio.

C2's increased presence in Maryland was sparked, in part, by recent alarming incidents of small businesses that were deserted by the large PEOs they had contracted with to provide critical back-office support.

"One client recently joined C2 after their large PEO unexpectedly informed them that their arrangement was likely out of compliance with Maryland law and that their health insurance subscription would terminate immediately. Such a tremendous disruption to the operations of this small business threatened their viability and financial future. This is why C2 has expanded in Maryland-to fill the void left on small businesses by their large PEOs," highlighted Asencio.

About C2 Essentials, Inc.
C2 is a full-service Human Resources Outsourcing Organization which has enabled small and emerging businesses to become more profitable, compliant, and competitive by reducing their costs, improving their workforce, and increasing their business performance. For nearly two decades, C2's full-service offering allows its clients to focus on their core mission, as well as their customers' needs, and ultimately achieve their business objectives. For further information, please visit www.c2essentials.com or contact us at 703.444.0096.

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