MCM Investigations Announces New, Cutting Edge Surveillance Service

March 18, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
MCM Investigations is announcing a new surveillance service: Social Media Surveillance. This service is popular with trial attorneys, insurance agents, Human Resources, and individuals involved in child custody, divorce and fidelity cases, and more. Social Media Surveillance can be vital for gathering evidence or proof of behavior and actions, and can also be used to establish behavioral patterns in court.

This surveillance service gathers data on the subject of investigation from all available search engines and all social media websites, including Twitter, LinkedIn, blog sites, Facebook, Instagram, message boards and other miscellaneous sites. It also searches media and news content websites for articles or comments that may have been posted by or about your subject. The results include status updates, photos that the subject has been tagged in and other updates that the subject may think are hidden from the public or private.

The reports offered at the end of this service are comprehensive and deep, often including irrefutable evidence that will help prove to your loved one or the court that what is being alleged is true. MCM Investigators have undergone training to be able to analyze the results of the surveillance and pick out relevant details and posts, and they have access and skills that clients may lack in conducting internet searches on subjects.

For more information about MCM Investigations and their new Social Media Surveillance service, including what is included in the service, who may benefit from using this service and which services to pair this one with, visit them online at

About MCM Investigations
MCM Investigations is a private investigation firm located in Los Angeles. They have a professional reputation for reliable and discreet inquiry, and are dedicated to helping their clients find the absolute truth they seek. Their agents work with diligence, commitment and creativity, utilizing many different unique investigation resources to deliver information, and they provide services to clients around the globe. Services include surveillance, video surveillance, criminal and civil investigation review, background checks, asset searches, missing persons, auto accidents and reconstructions, undercover investigations, judgment recovery, forensic and much more.

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