Centers for Healing Notes Possible Cancer Trigger

March 20, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Newbury Park, CA A holistic dentistry practice, Centers for Healing notes two studies showcasing mouth bacteria may trigger colorectal cancer. There has been an assumed link between the two due to high levels of Fusobacteria, but this is the first time research illustrates its influence.

Fusobacteria is a common strand of bacteria found in the mouth. In these two studies, species F. Nucleatum was specifically researched because it was found in elevated levels in the gut of colorectal cancer patients. The two studies each had different findings:
  • Fusobacteria led to benign colon tumors, which turned cancerous
  • Fusobacteria triggered inflammation of the tumors in mice

  • This is an important finding because colorectal cancer is the second most deadly cancer Americans face. The body must maintain an even ratio of healthy to unhealthy bacteria for balance and prevention of disease. Newbury Park dentistry Centers for Health can help you create this balance by preventing an overgrowth of Fusobacteria in your mouth.

    Centers for Health practices organic dentistry methods incorporating the mind, body and spirit. The facility utilizes non-toxic materials to avoid any reactions with the body. Along with caring for your teeth, the dentists focus on nutrition and the effects of gum disease on your body. This helps to lower bacteria levels not only in your mouth, but also throughout your entire digestive tract for a balanced system. As the two studies show, it may encourage your immune response to work correctly and lessen your chance of colorectal cancer.

    If you are interested in a holistic approach to dentistry, more information can be found about the dentistry at You may also reach the company via phone or email for personalized answers or to schedule an appointment.

    About Centers for Healing
    Centers for Healing uses non-toxic materials and a holistic approach to dentistry. This incorporates not only dentistry, but services in massage therapy, nutritional counseling and IV therapy. Estrella, a line of organic oral care products including teeth whiteners and toothpaste, is offered at the facility, as well.

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