Mexicali Bariatric Center Offers the Obalon Pill

March 22, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Clinical Bariatric Doctor and Nutritionist Edgar Campos -one of Mexico's top weight loss specialists- is constantly updating his knowledge base with the most advanced techniques and developments. Dr. Edgar Campos at Mexicali Bariatric Center with leading bariatric surgeon Dr. Alberto Aceves ,serving patients from both sides of the Mexico / United States border and beyond- now provides patients with a new weight loss method: the Obalon Balloon Pill.

The Obalon Balloon Pill

Patients who wish to lose weight but are afraid to undergo any of the different surgical procedures available to accomplish this goal; those who do not qualify for a surgical procedure; or those you wish to better their health conditions before a bariatric procedure to reduce their risks are the best candidates for the Obalon Balloon Pill alternative. This new procedure is easily performed in less than 10 minutes in the doctor's office without the need of any long stay at the hospital and without the need of any anesthetics. Patients taking the Obalon Balloon Pill are able to continue with their everyday chores and activities immediately after having the balloon pill deployed inside their stomach.

How the Obalon Balloon works

The pill containing the balloon (attached to a thin tube) is swallowed by the patient; once the pill is inside the stomach it is inflated via a tube from the outside, the tube is self-detached after the balloon is completely inflated inside the stomach. The balloon inside the stomach restricts the amount of food a patient can ingest and also reduces appetite. The treatment lasts for three to four months. After the first month with the balloon inside the stomach, patient may return to the doctor's office to have a second balloon placed. Up to three balloons can remain inside the stomach simultaneously in order to optimize the treatment's benefits.

Patients, with the help of the Obalon, will follow a special diet provided by their doctor to optimize results in the 3-4 month period.

In just three to four months of treatment patients with a low Body Mass Index ( under 31) can lose up to 50% of excess weight with just one balloon. Placing a 2nd or third balloon can yield even better results. Patients with a higher BMI can expect to lose between 30 to 50% of their excess body weight with one of more balloons, a feat previously accomplished exclusively by some bariatric surgery interventions.

About Edgar Campos, MD
Mexicali Bariatric Center 2005-2014
Hospital Almater 2003-2014,
Private practice, consultation for obesity and nutrition.
OBALON certified,
member of the American Society for Nutrition,
graduated from UABC (Autonomous University of Baja California) in 2001.
Also skilled in ACLS and ATLS.

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