The 11' Saturn Extra-Wide Inflatable Fishing Boat from

March 24, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
North Miami, FL, March 24, 2014 would like to introduce the amazing SD330W 11' Extra-Wide Inflatable Fishing boat from Saturn, the leading inflatable boat manufacturer on the market today.

Saturn specially designed this inflatable boat to bring its owners extra comfort when they are out on the water. They did this by taking their best-selling inflatable boat, the 11' SD330, and widening the interior space to a huge 79 inches. And as a bonus, the forward-thinking design of this boat, specifically the round end tubes, allows it to still perform at a high level even with the extra width, resulting in a comfortable and fun inflatable boat that can handle anything you may throw at it.

"As I got older, my passion for fishing grew and grew," said 81 year old customer John Stinson. "But smaller boats just became too uncomfortable for me to spend the day in. The Saturn SD330W I bought from really solved that problem for me."

The extra-wide nature of this inflatable boat also allows plenty of room for whatever fishing gear you may need for a day out on the water in your inflatable boat. It also allows for multiple seating options, beginning with the light-weight, strong inflatable benches. These benches are easily removable, and can be replaced by something as simple and comfortable as beach chairs or a beach lounger. They can also be removed to create space for a small table and chairs, so you can have a nice picnic out on the water.

"I sometimes like to get the exercise of rowing for a bit," said Stinson. "But I get tired quicker than I used to. That's why I got a little 5 horse power outboard motor for my inflatable boat. It fits perfect, and does the job nicely."

With all of these great features, this extra-wide inflatable fishing boat was amazingly priced at its MSRP of $2,058. But during the current inflatable boat sale at, you can get the SD330W right now for $1,029. And with your purchase, they will also include the aluminum benches, a set of aluminum oars, a repair kit, a high-volume hand pump, and a carry bag for free.

For more information about discounted inflatable boats such as the SD330W and others, check out and browse around during their current inflatable boat sale.

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