CorkGuru Finds that 58% of Americans Prefer Red Wine

March 25, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
CorkGuru, the creator of its namesake wine menu app, conducted a survey of Americans across the country to determine which basic type of wine they preferred: red or white. In the end, the survey found that the majority, 58%, preferred reds.

There was a slight trend that correlated age with the type of preferred wine. While the majority of all age groups preferred reds, a larger portion of the younger groups (25-34 and 35-44) preferred whites than the more mature groups (45-54, 55-64, and 65+).

As with age, the majority of all US regions preferred red wine over white. However, red wine was the most popular in the South at 61.6%. Whites were the most popular in the Northeast at 47%. Individual states exhibited more extreme preferences for one wine or the other. Notably, South Carolina (88.9%), Iowa (74.1%), New Jersey (73.1%), Minnesota (71.7%) and Nevada (71.7%) preferred red wine. On the other hand, North Dakota (83.3%), Michigan (68.1%), Rhode Island (66.7%), Maine (66.7%), and Washington (63.2%) preferred white wine.

Preference for reds was fairly uniform across the first 3 income groups (ranging from $0 to $74,999 annual income), hovering around 57% in favor of red. The next income group ($75,000 to $99,999) rose sharply to 70.9% in favor of reds. The highest income group measured actually preferred white wines to reds (54.4% to 45.6%).

There are a number of potential reasons why there is a general preference for red wines. The rich, complex flavor of reds suits a broader range of flavors than the sharp, zesty whites, so reds pair successfully with most foods. Home collectors may prefer reds because they generally store better whereas most whites are intended to be consumed in a shorter period of time. Some may consider whites more seasonal, too. In any case, it's important for restaurant managers to understand both what wines will pair well with their dishes as well as what wines are actually in demand by their diners when designing their restaurant wine menu.

To learn more about who prefers which type of wine, read the full survey analysis:

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