Legacy Remodeling Finds 52% of Americans Have Double-Pane Windows

March 28, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Legacy Remodeling, a Pittsburgh home remodeling company, conducted a survey to find how many Americans have double-pane windows installed in their homes. Overall, the poll found that 52% of Americans across the country had double-pane windows in their homes. While the margin of error makes it difficult to tell decisively if there are more double-pane window owners or more single-pane window owners, in either case the country is just about split down the middle.

As demographic groups are broken down, the results become clearer. Older Americans are decidedly more likely to have double-pane windows. While the 18-24 group had too few responses to get an accurate measurement, 38.7% of the 25-34 group had double-pane windows. The next age group, 35-44 year olds, jumped to 52.2%. The other age groups rose up into the mid-50's. This indicates that the more settled people become in their homes, the more improvements they make to them. One of the first home improvement projects that homeowners turn to is to upgrade to double-pane windows.

Income level also shows a general correlation with owning double-pane windows. The lowest income level ($0-$24,999) comes in at 44.2% of respondents owning double-pane windows. The next 3 income levels (ranging from $25,000-$99,999) all hover around 52%, and the highest income level ($100,000-$149,000) jumps to 63.5%. As homeowners approach the average income level (and beyond), they are more likely to have double-pane windows installed.

Region showed some minor differences, but they all stayed around half and half. The highest use of double-pane windows was in the Midwest at 55.4% and the lowest was in the South at 48.8%. The West and the Midwest ranged in between.

Double-pane windows are universally useful in homes no matter where they are located. Whether the weather is hot and humid or cold and blustery, double-pane windows provide a buffer from outside temperatures by either repelling or retaining heat more efficiently than single-pane windows. Although double-pane windows are much more effective at maintaining interior temperatures and saving on energy costs, they didn't gain in popularity until a few decades ago, leaving many older homes with single-panes. However, with more homeowners watching their heating and electric bills, double-pane replacement windows look more attractive to homeowners every day.

To learn more about who is using double-pane windows in their homes, read the full survey analysis: http://www.legacyremodel.com/52-of-americans-have-double-pane-windows/

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