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March 29, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
March 29, 2014 - According to many entrepreneurial experts, a business is either growing or dying. If this is true, then it appears has a long life in front of it. The site, which created the world's original Online Alarm Clock back in 2006, has grown to include stopwatch timers, an online version of a clock radio, a modifiable countdown clock, varied and useful video backgrounds, and more. Now, the home of the Online Alarm Clock is getting another new section. Online Clock Games introduces several simple browser games intended to help users pass the time, relieve stress, and find sleep when it is at its most elusive. These games can now be found at

The owner and founder of sees the new games section as a natural fit for the site. "My focus has always been on helping users manage their time wisely," says Thomas Churm. "Games may seem antithetical to that notion, but using them as a way to battle insomnia is actually right in line with our overall mission. Lack of sleep is one of the main reasons many people struggle to keep up with their responsibilities."

Isn't gaming before bed one of the leading causes of insomnia? The research is divided. While many sleep experts have advised curbing all-night video game sessions that can cause too much direct stimulation, a recent study shows that a few minutes of game playing causes little or no harm. Studying Australian teens, Flinders University found that two or three hours of gaming before bed created substantial sleep issues. On the other hand, 50 minutes of game-play before bed did not cause the interruptions associated with prolonged sessions. In other words, playing a few simple games before bed is unlikely to worsen existing insomnia.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, insomnia and insufficient sleep is a growing public health issue for Americans. Work weeks that are as stressful as they are long have managed to cut into the average person's sleep requirements. The CDC estimates that somewhere between 50 and 70 million Americans suffer from some type of sleep deficiency. This lack of proper rest can manifest in poor concentration, higher amounts of stress, chronic diseases, and reduced quality of life.

While's games may provide users with an activity more interesting than counting sheep, Mr. Churm is quick to point out that games and sleep aren't always compatible. "I don't think Tic Tac Toe or Rock, Paper, Scissors is going to cure chronic insomnia. If it can help some of our users wind down a bit after a hard day, though, then it will have been worth the effort."'s selection of Online Alarm Clock Games is as varied as it is simple. Choices include the Online Crystal Ball, where visitors to the site can ask questions of the great mystic. Users can stick with yes/no questions for advice or delve deeper into the ball's amazing powers for more detailed answers about the future. Visitors can also play around with Tic Tac Toe, Pong, the Reflex Tester, and much more. The site also links to several Online Stopwatch Games, where guests can play different games which all use some version of a web-based stopwatch.

According to surveys sponsored by the Entertainment Software Association, casual and social games account for 19 percent of the country's video game craze. Far from cutting into important activities such as work and sleep, these games tend to cause players to spend less time watching movies, vegging out in front of the television, or playing board games.

Noting these statistics, Mr. Churm was excited to provide a selection of simple online games for his users to browse. Though few of the games featured on the site will be competing with World of Warcraft for online dominance, they aren't intended to. Instead, the games are meant to help the site's visitors relax as they prepare for a good night's rest. By clicking the "Can't Sleep" link from the front page of the site, users will be taken to the Online Clock Games section, where they can flip a virtual coin or test their skills against the Snake.

In an Internet world that is growing by leaps and bounds with every passing day, remains a pioneer by adding increased functionality compatible with the site's overall focus. Games are the news of the day for, but the site's users will have to wait and see what's next for this venerable time-management resource.

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