Eastern Dentists Insurance Company Offers New Transition Guide

April 01, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Westborough, MA Eastern Dentists Insurance Company (EDIC) began by offering dentist malpractice insurance. It is now adding a transitional guide for new dentists to its services that assist students in their career.

EDIC serves the Eastern states by giving low-priced insurance to dentists. Frustrated with the rising costs, dentists came together to meet needs of themselves and colleagues. EDIC began in Massachusetts, but is now in 11 states with thousands of members. It is a mutual-type Risk Retention Group controlled by its members, who can vote on board members and by-laws. Through this, EDIC has a 93 percent success rate, without needing to settle in more than 16 years.

The EDIC New Dentist Transition Guide helps senior dental students start their professional career, whether it is in a practice, armed services or residency. It covers a number of important steps, such as acquiring licensure, information of certifications and preparing your resume. The information is designed specifically for fourth year students or dentists just starting their careers. EDIC finds this data is important to their vision, because a dentist who is knowledgeable and covered is less likely to face malpractice dental insurance issues.

Along with the insurance coverage, EDIC also offers free dental continuing education classes online. This allows you to stay current on insurance issues, as well as patient care, whether through new techniques or state and federal laws. You can also utilize the services at EDIC to obtain personal insurance or office insurance, or to help with financial planning. If you would like to read the guide or obtain more information about Eastern Dentists Insurance Company, it is available on their website at www.edic.com. You may apply online to start coverage.

About Eastern Dentists Insurance Company
Dental Society of Massachusetts founded the Eastern Dentists Insurance Company in 1992. The company focuses on controlling the costs of dental malpractice insurance, which are on the rise. Unlike other companies, it is run by dentists in a number of states throughout the East Coast.

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