Malicious File Hunter Releases First Public Version of Network File Search Software for Malware Files on Large Enterprise Networks

April 02, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Security software company Malicious File Hunter announces the first ever public release of Malicious File Hunter. This is the first Windows desktop software that allows IT administrators and security professional to search an entire network of Windows computers for malware files.

In today's threat landscape, malware files continue to outpace traditional security software, such as antivirus, anti-spyware, proxy filtering and other solutions. Organized crimes continues to evolve and successfully create trojans, backdoor and sensitive data stealers that easily evade automatic engines based on signature an anomaly detections.

Threats are even more complicated when they are targeted or part of an advanced threat program. Malware used in these types of attacks are harder to detect as they contain special and custom code written specifically for a particular organization. The latest reports in advanced persistent threats has revealed that these types of attacks can successfully infected and remain undetected for over 2 years. During which, gigabytes of sensitive data would have left the network, causing major financial and reputation damages to global organizations, their customers and most importantly to users trust.

"Malicious File Hunter provides IT administrators and security professional an easy to use software that searches an entire network of Windows computers for specific files. There is no software to deploy, no database, cache or indexes to maintain. There is also no need to map network shares as Malicious File Hunter uses built-in Windows API to query for the presence of files. It support searching on Windows 2000 SP4 and up to the latest Windows 8.1" said Adam Davies, Malicious File Hunter CTO.

"We came up with the idea while consulting for some of Fortune 500 companies. Fact is, any security tool in existence can be defeated if someone is targeting an organization network. The only way to stop such threats is by using a software that uses an analyst intelligence, based on current trend and puts it in action. Malicious File Hunter is that software." Mark Thompson, Malicious File Hunter IT Security Consultant.

Other features of Malicious File Hunter include scheduler, which runs various different tasks at scheduled times to search for specific files. Copy to Share helps collect samples to be sent to AV vendor or local analysis. Result of searches can also be exported, emailed or even saved for further inspection.

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