Dialog One Introduces Web Translation and Trans-Creation Services

April 03, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Dialog One provides business owners the ability to not only translate the copy on their websites into foreign languages, but also the ability to create culturally specific images and logos to make a site more appealing to readers in other countries. This gives any business an edge when trying to compete in the global marketplace.

Web translation is critical, as it gives visitors the ability to read about products and services in their native language. Relying on automated translators on the Internet can lead to unfortunate misunderstandings. Professional translation, on the other hand, allows companies to discuss even the most nuanced information without the possibility of a bad translation.

Trans-creation is a companion to Web translation, as it helps to transform the entire website into a localized site that speaks to each customer base throughout the world. The experience is customized for each culture to help promote the business in the best possible light. From graphics and images, to social media language integration, a user-centered trans-creation service can provide enhanced brand positioning across the globe.

Included in Dialog One's Web translation and trans-creation services are multilingual copywriting and editing services, multicultural marketing campaign designs, digital media transcriptions and recordings, and specific cultural communications distinctions. All of these services combine to provide website visitors from across the globe a better, more personalized experience. The marketing campaign that works in the US might not work in China, France, or Brazil, which is why it is important to create the branding options for different cultures.

Businesses that want to succeed today are opening up their services to an international market, but that brings with it some significant language barriers. Dialog One's Web translation and trans-creation services help to bridge the cultural gap and create lasting customer relationships around the world. . More information for these services is available on the Dialog One website: http://dialog-one.com.

About Dialog One
Dialog One has more than twenty years of experience with translation services, language services, and cultural services in a wide variety of industries. Its newest offerings, Web translation and trans-creation, give brands the chance to position themselves in the global marketplace .

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