Eagle Biosciences Announces Launch of Unique Hormone Receptor Assays

April 09, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Eagle Biosciences announces the product launch of three new ELISA assay kits for the measurement of complexed LH-sLHCGR, complexed HCG-sLHCGR, and Total sLHCGR. These assays were developed by Novel Biomarkers Catalyst Labs in The Netherlands (NCBL) and are offered exclusively in the North America by Eagle Biosciences. NCBL has a strong focus on the development and commercialization of novel biomarker assays in various areas of research but with a concentration in fertility related analytes.

Together, these assays provide a means to accurately and easily measure these complex hormones and capture circulating concentrations of different isoforms. These products are outstanding additions to Eagle's current Steroid Assay line providing more unique solutions for our researchers in the field.

The LH-sLHCGR ELISA Assay Kit is designed for the detection and quantification of human soluble LH/hCG receptor (sLHCGR) in complex with LH. HCG-sLHCGR ELISA Assay Kit however, is designed specifically for the detection and quantification of human soluble LH/hCG receptor (sLHCGR) in complex with hCG. The Total sLHCGR ELISA Assay kit measures the unbound sLHCGR as well as in complex with LH and/or hCG. These kits are both sensitive and specific while providing quick results with only 25 µl of serum or plasma.

"sLHCGR are incredibly unique analyte that may become an intrinsically powerful biomarker for a variety of gonad-related diseases, pregnancy pathologies, and excellent indicator of IVF success." said Dan Keefe, President of EagleBio. He continued, "These assays, when combined with existing testing/screening already in the field, could have a profound impact on not only reproductive science research as a whole but also could have far-reaching effects on the improvement of prenatal screening and early detection of pregnancy pathologies."

Eagle is offering promotional pricing for researchers measuring LH-sLHCGR, HCG-sLHCGR or Total sLHCGR through the next few months. These products are currently for research use only. Check out the Eagle website www.EagleBio.com or call 617-419-2019 for full details.

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