Renting holiday-apartments becomes popular in EU!

December 27, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
As Hotels became quite expensive within the last years due to the strong demand that pushed up the Hotel rates (especially in Europe's Metropolis), renting apartments is becoming increasingly popular these days. For people who are asking themselves which benefits a stay in an apartment provides in comparison to a Hotel a few examples may be given here: Whereas Hotels especially those ones situated in the city centre of Barcelona are often already booked out for month in advance and are related to their area really expensive, you can easily find an apartment located in the heart of the city for a lower price - even in holiday peak-seasons. Especially when there are more than 3 people (e.g. Group of friends or family) traveling you can save even more. The average rent for an apartment is less than the price of a double-room in a Hotel. There exists a range from simple to luxurious apartments so that everyone is able to choose his or her preferred category. Prices are depending on location, conveniences provided, seasons, and number of people. Besides of being the more cost-effective alternative you can enjoy your holiday in a more private and calmer atmosphere and you are more flexible for example regarding meal times as self-catering facilities are provided in every apartment. The maybe easiest and best way to rent apartments is via the Internet. Websites like e.g. are renting apartments in Barcelona, providing photos, descriptive texts detailing the size, comfort, number of sleeping-facilities etc., and comments of former clients for each apartment.

Simone Hohoff
Open House Spain, S.L.