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April 24, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
April 24, 2014 - With the Summer well on its way in the UK, keeping comfortable in the home or work place is something which becomes an issue as temperatures begin to soar. It's around this sort of time of year, in late Spring, as the higher temperatures start to reach those almost uncomfortable levels and windows start to be opened for that extra bit of ventilation in the room.

What's Available on the market?
Depending on your requirements, you'll have a lot of choice when it comes to purchasing a ventilation system for your home or office. A lot of offices these days use portable air conditioners which can easily be stored away in the winter months when not in use, allowing for easy operation in the hotter months when cooling down might be required.

These sort of air conditioners are simply attached to an open window, taking in air from the outside and producing colder air for indoors as a result. These are relatively cheap and can be quite effective for their generally low price tag.

For permanent room additions, or to reduce the temperature for your own work area, there are a range of alternatives which are offered by Lamp Post Electrical for purchase online.

Desk Fans can be a great way of cooling down in the office on a personal level - not everyone likes the hot weather, but equally many enjoy it - the option of adding a desk fan to each member of staff's desk allows for personal cooling as and when it's needed.

Cheap yet effective, desk fans can be used all year round and are often small, tidy and attractive enough to fit in with the rest of the equipment without looking out of place.

Ceiling Fans can also be utilised in a home or office as a way of circulating air and providing greater cooling for those Summer months when the hotter air can almost feel like it's hanging and causing a stale feeling in the room.

By circulating the air, not only does the room become better ventilated, but the air becomes more comfortable to be in as well - again these type of fans can often be modern and attractive, and can be turned on or off at the switch of a button; so can be used only when absolutely necessary.

These two alternatives are available, with both Desk and Ceiling Fans available from the quality Fantasia brand; renowned for their excellent ventilation products - stocked in a wide number of product styles, colours and types, there's sure to be a design suitable to everyone's tastes.

For further information on the Fantasia range of Desk Fans and Ceiling Fans, simply contact electrical wholesaler Lamp Post Electrical, on 0845 658 8441, or via their website at

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