Square 9 Presents GlobalSearch C2: Cloud-Hosted Enterprise Content Management

April 26, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
April 26, 2014 - Today's business market is highly mobile, which is why so many people rely on tablets, smartphones and laptops to get work done. This can be difficult to manage if all of a company's most important files are not easily accessible outside of the office. GlobalSearch C2 from Square 9 gives businesses an easy way to access files, contracts and other important paperwork at any time, from anywhere through the power of advanced cloud computing.

Until now, people had to rely on external hard drives to carry around a large number of files-or worse-they had to make a special trip to the office to access a client agreement or a contract template. GlobalSearch C2 is a cloud-hosted digital filing system that gives all authorized users easy access to every important document from afar. The searchable database gives users the ability to locate any document quickly, to address your needs at a moment's notice.

GlobalSearch C2 works with Android, Apple and PC devices, so users can be sure that they always have access to their files. Documents can be accessed remotely at any time, and the included security features keep all data constantly protected. The security features also include authentication prompts for users to ensure documents won't fall into the wrong hands.

With full feature editing, users can edit their documents in the same way they might with a hard copy. This is important for people who need to customize contracts and other documents to meet a client's specific needs. The documents can be emailed from any device, and they can be printed for use at any location.

Cloud-enabled digital filing systems offer flexibility for companies that hire remote workers, and for businesses that have a large number of documents that need to be stored in a central, secure location. GlobalSearch C2 is built with advanced capture to the cloud to extend your access to critical business information. The user-friendly interface makes accessing documents convenient from any location, without additional installations through a true cross platform module. Please visit http://www.square-9.com/ for more information.

About Square 9
Square 9 provides innovative Enterprise Content Management solutions, designed to give users a digital filing system that meets the needs of today's complex business climate. With easy access to documents from any remote location, GlobalSearch C2 is a fully functional cloud hosted records management platform.

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