Square 9 Develops New Techniques for Businesses Collaboration

April 29, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
April 29, 2014 - New Haven, CT Square 9 Softworks, the award-winning developer of document management software, is leading the way in which businesses and employees collaborate. Square 9's SmartSearch Content Management Suite includes the GlobalSearch and Work XChange platform extensions, which allow the transfer of documents and ideas beyond the traditional confines of the office workspace. Square 9's document organizer software contains modules that act as powerful tools for businesses of any size seeking to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of collaborative processes within their organization.

Before modern document automation software, companies relying on paper processes often faced limitations and inefficiencies that inadvertently stifled growth and profit. For example, the old paradigm forced business meetings to take place with everyone in one office, where brainstorming often played out on a basic whiteboard. This system failed when key staff members could not be physically present, and when important documents were unable to reach the right people at the right time.

Through Square 9's innovative document archiving software, companies are now replacing their outdated and wasteful systems with streamlined, automated data and documents. Document collaboration can now safely take place beyond the office, via GlobalSearch and Work XChange. These modules allows for untethered access and unprecedented control of automated documents. Now employees working together on a project can send and receive instant notifications of a pending process, quickly share vital documents, utilize direct email integration, and make instantaneous decisions by enacting a workflow command from virtually anywhere, at anytime.

Square 9 is recognized for its award-winning SmartSearch paperless office software, and its ability to fundamentally change the way in which businesses and employees work together. Please visit http://www.square-9.com/ for more information on Square 9's library of cutting edge tools for business automation. Or call 203-789-0889 to speak with a Square 9 sales engineer to gain a better understanding of your business needs.

About Square 9
Square 9 Softworks is an award winning developer of document management software solutions designed to automate any paper intensive process. Established in 2001, Square 9 has since grown into an enterprise content management industry leader. They offer a wide range of products for business process automation, including value-driven solutions for document capture software, content management, variable data printing, and more. They serve companies of all sizes, from across numerous industries, and have a network of resellers throughout North American, Western Europe, Africa, and Australia.

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