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April 27, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
April 27, 2014 - Scott Cook, owner of Advantage Advertising and Marketing - an Orlando, Florida based professional copywriting firm is pleased to announce the launch of his new and innovative eLearning course "how to make Money as a Freelance Copywriter." This 75 page eBook has been painstakingly created with the intention of giving the reader all the tools that they will need to immediately begin earning money as a copywriter.

With global economic changes effecting the way people live and work, it's reassuring to be able to take control over one's own circumstances. The internet provides many opportunities for those looking to create an income and take possession over the course of both their financial situation and their lives.

"I wanted to create something special," said Cook, "not just another vague eBook that simply revisits a list of tips and tricks. This course has been written to provide you the reader with actual guides for action, step by step procedures and practical information gained from my own personal experience."

'How to Make Money as a Freelance Copywriter" is not a book that is geared toward teaching a student how to write. Although the course is loaded with plenty of solid marketable tips on how to improve, its real goal is to teach the student how to apply the knowledge within to create a steady income. Within the first few weeks after finishing the course, a seasoned writer or a novice will be able to use the information to actually make money and at the very least, recoup the cost of the book.

"Anyone can do this," continued cook, "as long as you have even a high school level of writing ability. When you couple that with desire and with what I'll teach you in the course, you'll quickly find that a whole new world of financial security will open to you."

The eCourse focuses on teaching the reader how to properly set up and use the many freelance website services available and then explains how to go out and acquire clients independently. The course features a step by step guide with a working example that will take the student from day one all the way to a $3,000 monthly income through the application of a proven formula.

Additionally, "how to make Money as a Freelance Copywriter" will address important copywriting success issues such as what clients want, what readers want, how to sell freelance copywriting services, how to focus your efforts, a guide to getting started and more. Each chapter of the eBook features practical examples as well as assignments designed to strengthen the learning in each section and create a solid foundation under the student.

"Imagine earning just a few hundred dollars per month in your spare time," Cook says, "or a few thousand. How would that change your life? What kind of difference might it make not only to your financial situation but your sense of confidence and self-esteem? It is my sincere hope that everyone who takes this course will get far more out of it than just learning how to make money."

For more information about the course and to get started in a very lucrative field, please visit the "how to make Money as a Freelance Copywriter" website at:


Scott Cook is a professional copywriter who earns his living serving business clients all over the world. Creator and owner of Advantage Advertising and Marketing, Scott has been providing business services most of his adult life. From web development to marketing and copywriting throughout, Scott's experience has made him successful and he wishes to share his techniques with others.

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