Free DO-178C Whitepaper: Transitioning From DO-178B to DO-178C: Fusing Best Practices, from Afuzion

May 03, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
May 3, 2014 - Afuzion Incorporated releases the all-new "Transitioning From DO-178B to DO-178C Whitepaper". From the principal author of the world's best-selling book on DO-178 comes this all new whitepaper preceding his new forthcoming book on DO-178C, "The Avionics Development Ecosystem".

This DO178C whitepaper condenses vital avionics software/certification information from over 20 noted industry experts. D0-178C mistakes, DO-178C cost and risk reduction, and DO178C mistakes are summarized for working engineers. Includes DO-278A best practices, DO-200A and DO-201A risk reduction, and ARP-4761A prelude, from Afuzion Inc. Also includes DO-178C Test Tool information for world-class tools such as VectorCAST.

As described in his forthcoming book "Avionics Development Ecosystem", author Vance Hilderman describes how changes in software development technology fostered a need for changes to the very guidelines upon which avionics development is founded. Also, with the rapid growth of avionics complexity and importance in all forms of aircraft, many avionics developers had deviated from the original intent of DO-178B: prove your safety, prove your compliance. States Vance Hilderman "Avionics now represent 15% - 40% of the development cost of new aircraft - that makes avionics software typically the most costly single category of content in an aircraft". For most users, DO-178C will add cost particularly to the unwary. However, like changing the brakes in your own car, DO-178C can actually be cost effective and reduce costs the second time and beyond. The key states Vance Hilderman, is in knowing the potential DO-178C risks and how to reduce DO-178C costs.

Adds Chris Jackson, Afuzion co-founder, "As an attorney and business jet owner/pilot, I know all about risk, reward, and the corresponding trade-offs. While I don't understand the intricacies as well as Mr. Hilderman, I particularly like the section on DO-178C cost reduction, so I advise everyone involved in avionics to read this whitepaper - after all there are not many things in DO-178C which are free, but this whitepaper is."

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