Dr. Priya Tonseker Performing All-On-4 Surgery for NJ Dental Implants Concerned About the Link between Oral Health and General Health

May 07, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
May 7, 2014, Rutherford, New Jersey: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as many as 80 out of 100 Americans suffer from gum problems that could cause them to lose one or more or even all of their teeth should they not receive treatment. That is a vast majority of the population. According to the same source, tooth decay is the second most common disease affecting Americans, the first being the common cold or influenza.

With statistics such as these, it's no wonder that dental health professionals in New Jersey and around the country are becoming increasingly concerned about the future of our oral health. But, what is most concerning is that problems in the mouth don't begin and end there. The health of the oral cavity shares a complex and intimate relationship with the rest of the body's vital organs and systems.

NJ dental implant surgeons, such as Dr. Priya Tonseker of the MALO Advanced Oral Rehabilitation Center in Rutherford, make a living out of replacing teeth lost to tooth decay and gum disease. Yet in spite of the specialist path they have chosen, these surgeons are first and foremost dental healthcare experts and it is their priority to help patients keep their original dentition intact rather than just extract and replace failing teeth.

Dr. Tonseker explains the concern of dentists and associated healthcare professionals across the country…

"More and more scientific studies expounding upon the connection between oral health and general health are being published in peer-reviewed journals. What they are telling us is that there is an irrefutable link between the two and that the health of one can seriously affect the health of the other," says the NJ dental implant surgeon.

The Extent of the Connection between Oral Health and General Health
Dr. Tonseker went on to explain that while the exact mechanisms of the relationship between oral disease and infection and general health are still being unraveled, there are some clear links that most would find quite alarming to discover:

"Gum disease has been linked with several diseases that affect seemingly unrelated organs and systems. Heart disease, respiratory disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, liver and kidney disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, stroke and even pregnancy complications are all deeply suspected to be linked with poor oral health," say Dr. Tonseker. "Many controlled clinical studies have shown that people who suffer from chronic gum problems are likely to also have one or more of the afore-mentioned illnesses and vice versa."

It might seem like a surprising connection – that gum disease can leave you at a higher risk of, for example, heart disease – but when you consider that your mouth is the biggest and most important ingress to your body, it all makes a little more sense. Two of your body's most vital functions are performed via your mouth: breathing and eating. So, it stands to reason that if your mouth is an unhealthy environment and that if it is teeming with bacteria, the rest of your body is left vulnerable.

Gum Disease has Systemic Effects
"Many studies on people who have cardiovascular disease have actually found the strains of bacteria commonly linked with gum disease clogging the ventricles of the heart. Gum disease has systemic effects; it's not isolated to the oral cavity and because of this and the vital organs it has the potential to affect, it is a very serious condition and requires prompt treatment," explains New Jersey dental implant surgeon, Dr. Tonseker.

The good news is that preventing gum disease is simple and inexpensive. All it really requires is a lifelong dedication to maintaining good oral hygiene and, once per year if you've never been diagnosed with gum problems before, a visit to your dentist and oral hygienist. Preventative healthcare, according to NJ dental implant surgeons such as Dr. Tonseker, is the very best approach to maintaining excellent oral health for life.

And if you've already been diagnosed with gum problems, there are things you can do to make your journey back to good oral health. "It's never too late to receive treatment. Even if treatment involves the extraction of one or more irreparably damaged and decayed teeth, your oral health can still be rehabilitated," says Dr. Tonseker.

So the outlook is good and the benefits for your mouth and your body, virtually endless.

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Dr. Priya Tonseker is a member of the distinctively trained team at the MALO Advanced Oral Rehabilitation center, which is a leading dental implant facility located in Rutherford, New Jersey. MALO AOR is inspired by the European implantologist who pioneered the breakthrough "All-on-4 ®" implant protocol, Dr. Paulo Malo, who along with his clinical team and global affiliates have successfully provided comprehensive teeth replacement solutions for thousands of patients from all over the world. When possible and considered safe, the doctors at MALO AOR utilize immediately functional implant techniques for their shorter treatment time, lower cost and their ability to give patients fully functioning replacement teeth in as little as a single day, with a single placement procedure.

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