Wireless Cables Inc. becomes first Bluetooth® Smart home automation manufacturers to add CSRmesh™ support

May 16, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
San Jose, CA, May 16, 2014: Wireless Cables Inc. announces today that it has incorporated CSRmesh™ technology into its AIRcable SmartDimmer™ product line. This makes the SmartDimmer the first Bluetooth® Smart home lighting control solutions to embrace this newly available Bluetooth Smart home automation protocol.

Launched earlier this year by technology innovator CSR plc the disruptive CSRmesh solution is the first dynamic mesh protocol for Bluetooth Smart, also known as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It allows for an almost unlimited number of Bluetooth Smart devices, such as the SmartDimmer, to be instantly networked together and controlled directly from a single smartphone, tablet or PC for the first time.

The SmartDimmer is a light switch replacement that offers advanced control of home and office lighting, including control from iOS and Android smartphones. The CSRmesh protocol uses Bluetooth Smart to send light control messages to other SmartDimmers in the house, which in turn send them onward, to other switches, thereby extending the control range practically without limits. This means consumers can control lighting across a large home, estate, or office complex without using any external network or control infrastructure, such as wireless networks, routers or controllers.

SmartDimmer users can control all their lighting from an intuitive smartphone app, which allows users to group lights, set lighting intensity, and automate changes, based on time of day and user/smartphone proximity. In turn the CSRmesh sends status messages, such as power consumption of each individual device to a controller or data logger anywhere in the mesh.

By incorporating CSRmesh the built-in intelligence features of the SmartDimmer, such as proximity sensors, and multi-switch lighting settings can be initiated and extended quickly and seamlessly across a private home or business network from a single command or message. The CSRmesh also incorporates high security and encrypted communication, to ensure all network signalling remains secure.

"Unlike other solutions CSRmesh brings much needed direct control to centralize the configuration and control of the myriad of Smart Home devices, without the inconvenience of having to use a hub or home router," said Rick Walker, Marketing Manager for the Internet-of-Things at CSR. "We are pleased that Wireless Cables Inc. is implementing CSRmesh into its current AIRcable SmartDimmer products and also in its forthcoming next generation of SmartDimmer Wave™ products to deliver smart lighting solutions to consumers that 'just work'."

About Wireless Cables Inc:
Wireless Cables Inc. develops Bluetooth modules and products for over 10 years. Our focus is making Bluetooth practical with emphasis on usability and ease of use. Wireless Cables Inc. is well known for it long range Bluetooth AIRcable™ products. Our focus today is towards Bluetooth Smart and the future of home automation. We are committed to put this technology into all our current and future products including Bluetooth sensors, actuators and our range extenders, visit www.aircable.net

About CSR:
CSR solves the challenges and delivers the core innovations that enable our customers to win in the global consumer electronics market. Our passionate technologists develop enhanced silicon, software and services with a focus on Voice & Music, Document Imaging, Automotive Infotainment, Bluetooth® Smart and Indoor Location. We partner with leading customers across the globe and deliver integrated and differentiated technology platforms to help them turn their great ideas into market-leading products. For more information, visit www.csr.com or keep up to date with CSR via our technical blog, people blog, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. For more information on aptX®, our wireless audio codec, visit www.aptx.com

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