Boca Raton Merchant Services Provider Offers Innovative All-in-One Cloud-Based POS Solution

May 19, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
May 19, 2014 - As technology advances and the social consciousness of the consumer shifts to become more and more digital, retail merchants must adapt to these changes as well. Today's merchant not only needs a robust and reliable payment processing system for their retail location, they also need something reliable for their website as well.

Additionally, mobile solutions and applications are essential to meet the needs and desires of an ever more digital-minded customer. All of these systems need to integrate and function together as well as have real time access to the merchant's inventory system.

This is where MagicPay comes into the picture. The Boca Raton-based merchant services provider has built a solid reputation as an industry leader by providing top-quality, affordable and innovative payment processing solutions to its growing list of clients. Now, MagicPay is very proud to offer an all-in-one payment processing system that not only meets the needs of a retail location, internet-based solutions as well as mobile, it's new solution is Cloud based as well. This means that there is no bulky and expensive software and hardware to maintain in-house and retail merchants can totally manage their inventory and payments from anywhere at any time.

"We live in a mobile world now," commented Rami Levi of MagicPay, "and this means mobility in every sense of the word. Being able to perform complex tasks on smart phones and tablets is fantastic, but it's only part of the picture. The Cloud gives business owners a unique ability to remove the necessity for a physical setup which gives them flexibility, mobility and unparalleled security."

MagicPay's new system incorporates several key features that give retailers a decided edge in today's market. It begins with a secure inventory system that is setup and managed through highly secure Cloud-based servers. The main advantage of this is that no matter where a business owner or manager may be, they have direct and real time access to their inventory information. Should the business move, suffer a power outage or hardware malfunction, their inventory and payment processing systems are not effected.

MagicPay's all-in-one system also includes a 3-point POS to cover every possible credit card and payment processing situation. Of course, the retailer will have a robust POS in their location or locations which is also tied directly into the Cloud-based inventory. Second, a secure and powerful internet point of sale solution is implemented for continuous e-commerce needs. Finally, a powerful mobile payment processing app also comes with the package. All of these systems tie into the inventory and give merchants unmatched payment processing power and security.

"One of the biggest advantages of The Cloud," continued Levi, "is its security. It seems odd to think of hosting important data and software off-site as secure, but it is and in many ways. In addition to being highly secure from tampering, cloud hosted software and data has many backups. Aside from that, you only use as much server space and maintenance as you need. You don't have to invest huge sums in setting up servers and system admins at your location. The cloud makes a system like ours fast, robust and highly affordable."

About MagicPay Merchant Services

131 NW 13th St, Suite 36
Boca Raton, FL 33432
Toll Free: (855) 891-2600

MagicPay was formed at the beginning of 2012 to be a full-service merchant account provider with a special focus on mobile payments. Although mobile payment merchant services did exist, MagicPay was created to expand the mobile payments market and take things to a whole new level by offering off-line processing, inventory options and lower processing costs. The company's overall goal is to not only provide the best possible credit card processing to its clients, but to continue to explore new and better methods for providing merchant services on smart phones and tablets.

MagicPay is dedicated to providing its clients with the best possible service, and has expanded its service options into such areas as e-commerce and MOTO accounts as well as retail merchant accounts. As the company grows rapidly, it continues to attract merchants by offering unique services and features such as their free marketing software that allows merchants to create coupons and rewards programs for clients.

With the introduction of such innovations as Eco-statements, the EPN and credit card processing solutions for collection agencies, Magic pay hopes to continue and grow as an industry leader with the highest level of service and environmental integrity.

To learn more about MagicPay, please visit their website at:

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